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MSI: Plug in Computers

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Awhile back I had reviewed a product that allows you to use your home wiring to extend your networking capabilities. The product called the Megaplug AV is available for $169.00 USD. This product uses two boxes about the size of a standard electrical outlet plate. The Pogoplug is a similar sized box that allows you to configure any USB based mass storage device for access via the Internet for $99.00 USD. Once you connect the Pogoplug to an electrical outlet and connect your Internet router and an external mass stoarge device, you can go online and configure the device for access via the Internet. This means files stored on the mass storage device can be accessed while on the road or made available on a website via my.pogoplug.com website. You can send a simple link to files and images to friends and family easily using this device. No more third party websites, like www.flickr.com, www.smugmug.com and others required to host your public images or sensitive files.  

The interesting aspect of the Pogoplug from a developers standpoint is that the Pogoplug is actaully an OEM version of the Marvell’s SheevaPlug Development Kit. Also available for $99.00 USD. The Sheevaplug is a self contained PC running a processor @ 1.2 Ghz with 512 megabytes of flash and 512 megabytes of DDR2 400 Mhz memory. If you are a developer and are looking for a self contained PC for that unique web or Internet based application should take a closer look at the Sheevaplug. You can go to Global Scale Technologies to purchase the Sheeva Developes Kit directly.

More comprehensive developers details available through www.plugcomputer.org.

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