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MSI: Plastic Logic Announces More Details on the Ereader

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This is by far the best looking and most functional ereader that has been developed to date. This is not a glorified handheld PDA redesigned to be an e-reader like the SONY PRS-505. The Plastic Logic e-reader is revolutionary in design. First the device uses a plastic display developed by Plastic Logic and provides a screen display of 8 1/2 X 11 and less than 16 ounces in weight.

SONY PRS-505 Reader Digital Book - Image: SONY
SONY PRS-505 Reader Digital Book – Image: SONY
Plastic Logic Reading Device - Image: Plastic Logic
Plastic Logic Reading Device – Image: Plastic Logic

The Plastic Logic ereader has a built in touch screen which allows all the functionaility to be accessed via the screen itself. The unit is thinner than a note pad and very light.  Jesture support is included which allows navigation, annotation and note taking. A virtual keyboard is also included.

Will this be a Kindle 2 killer? Well, the Plastic Logic ereader is not available until early 2010 for the mass market but certainly will give Amazon a run for their money once released. There are no details on which countries the ereader will be available first but certainly the United States makes sense.
The Plastic Logic ereader is a true ebook reader supporting “ALL PRINTABLE FORMATS” according to Plastic Logic. Formats like:
- MS Office
- Newspapers
- Magazines
- Many more. . .
Plastic Logic has signed agreements with the Financial Times, USA Today, Ingram Digital, LibreDigital and Zinio to provide a wide range of books, magazines and newspaper access.  The device will go into wide spread testing during the second half of 2009. According to the VP of marketing, the Plastic Logic e-reader will be aggressively priced to allow for quick mass adoption. Look for the Plastic Logic e-reader in early 2010.
Source: Plastic Logic

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