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MSI: DXG Digital Video Cameras

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On my usual trip through the Internet, I came across a company called DXG USA which I have not heard of before. Their website is very sleek and professional like most large companies that have been around for decades. So why I have I not seen or heard of DXG before?

Looking through their website, apparently there parent company is DXG Technology Corporation which has been manufacturering OEM and ODM models for 20 years. The recent appearance of DXG USA seems to be their direct attempt to produce a consumer line under their own company name now.

The line up of digital video camera’s include standard video and HD video cameras. The price ranges from $109.99 USD on up to $319.99. Seems odd to me though that their basic standard video camera which has a resolution of 640 X 480 only has a cost of $109.99 and their HD camera which has a resolution of 1280 X 720 also sells for only $109.99.

DXG-563VS -$109.99 Standard definition camera

DXG-5B6VL QuickShots Lavender - $109.99 HD 720p Definition Camera

In both cases, the specifications are very similar with the DXG-5B6VL HD camera having a slightly better list of features. So why would anyone want to purchase the standard video version?  Hopefully I can get some clarifications from a representative at DXG USA.

In either case, the price seems very low for even the standard resolution digital video camera. I searched further on the Internet but failed to locate any comprehensive reviews. The details listed for each video camera is missing one crutial detail which is the bit-rate of the video produced in AVI or H.264 (MOV). Since this information is not available, it is hard to say how smooth the 640 X 480 or the 1280 X 720 video produced really is. Not sure if the missing detail is just an oversight on the company or purposely left out completely. One indicator of the video bit-rate can be extracted from the actual AVI format listed which is Motion JPEG. This is an older format used to create video from a collection of compressed JPEG images. The bit rate of motion JPEG is typically considered very low plus the compression used is a lossy compression meaning that the saved video is lower in quality over the actual captured video. 

The other problem I noticed was that the focal range in 5 feet to infinity using a fixed focus lens. This means you really have no control over the focus on the camera. Basically you have a point and shoot video camera only. The specifications also indicate a 4 X digital zoom is supported but no indication on if you actually have zoom in and out control on either camera during filming.  

Currently based on the online specifications, I would say these digital video cameras are most likely in the category of “you get what you pay for”. A very low price point therefore very low quality in product and video image produced. If you are looking to have flexibility in your video shooting options and a true HD quality video, I would consider looking elsewhere.

Some of the better choices out there are:

Sony HDR-CX110 $549.00 USD

Canon Vixia HF R100 $499.99 USD

Panasonic HDC-SD60S $499.95 USD

Sanyo VPC-SH1BK $399.99 USD

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