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MSI: Amazon Kindle Due to Get Some Major Competition

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Next week Plastic Logic is geered to unveil their new e-book reader @ the TOC Conference. The innovative e-book reader is about 8 1/2 X 11 in size and as thin as a note pad. Has built in wireless and completely accessed via the  touch screen. The Plastic Logic Reader uses a revolutionary technology which incorporates transistors  on a plastic layer using no silicon. The screen is flexible and more durable over traditional LCD screens. You can watch a demo of the product below.





The screen is black and white only but looks very clisp and clear. Color is not a huge benefit when reading e-books or other documents only. The reader supports all the major formats like MS Office documents, PDF and allows content markup. The official MSRP has not been announced yet but if this is slated to be sold for $600.00 USD or less, the Plastic Logic Reader will certainly be a very popular device. If the MSRP happens to be anywhere near the $300.00 USD price range, the Amazon Kindle 2 could easy become another product that is too little too late. Moblie Scene Investigation will be posting more details next week as we get them. Stayed tuned.

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One comment for “MSI: Amazon Kindle Due to Get Some Major Competition”

  1. That is extremely cool…I love how it seems to bend like a piece of paper. I am a huge fan of the Kindle though and it would take me a lot to change!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Amazon Kindle for Christmas: International Version and Price Rebates! =-.

    Posted by Chris | October 29, 2009, 6:36 pm

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