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The current slump in the economy and market down turns are forcing many large companies to cut back and force many people out of work. This may seem like a real depressing time for those that have lost their jobs but it should not be all that bad. I feel many of these people are truly blessed for being laid off over their coworkers that still have their jobs.

I say this because, this is the perfect time to take your career to the next level and by being forced to look for other employment is the perfect opportunity. Those coworkers that still have their jobs will be too busy worrying if they will be next or not. If you decide to take it easy and collect Unemployment Insurance then you are certain to get depressed and be in a more serious situation than you are now. The trick is to take advantage of this time and focus your FREE time on creating new avenues.

Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight to Mention

The idea is to forge ahead and to find new employment that allows you to move forward down the road to bigger and better opportunities. Here are a few of my suggestions for those that have recently lost their jobs:

- First think long and hard about if you still want the same job you had been doing. This means researching the market to see if the position you held still has potential for hire.

- Make a list of all your skills and separate them from your job title. Like having years of managerial experience in job type A does not mean only A type jobs are available for you. Managerial skills translate over to many categories that may not be related to your previous position.

- Apply for unemployment insurance ASAP. The money you get even for that short period of 2 – 4 weeks you maybe off work is money in your pocket. Processing time is required therefore it may take 2 – 4 weeks or longer before the payments start coming. If you are laid off for longer, the sooner you apply the quicker you have some funds coming in.

- I would think about looking for a “New Position” and not a “New Job”. A “New Job” just sounds too depressing and a “New Position” sounds more optimistic.

- Consider a pay cut anywhere between what you are being paid now and what the Unemployment Insurance payments are. Once you get a “New Position” that has potental for advancement, your salary should increase over time back to the same level or higher.

- Keep in touch with all your coworkers using a good contact management software on your Smartphone or PDA. If anyone you previously worked with has gone on an interview and does not get the position, have any important interview related information passed along to you immediately so that you may prepare and apply for the same position. It is not a competion to see who can get the job but being mutually agressive so that one of you gets the available job in the end.

- Share your “new Position” searching experience. Do not do this alone. Spend time together using your laptop, smartphone, PDA at a local HOTSPOT and look for that “New Position” together. Working together as if you were employed will help liven your spirits and make it easier to deal with the situation.

- Update your resume and share this with friends, family, and others in your group. By having others involved in your job search will make it easier to achieve that “New Position” sooner.

- Get resumes from others and compare them to yours to ensure your resume style and presentation is simple, easy to read and to the point.

- Have your resume in PDF, MS Word and TXT formats on your PDA, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can email it from anywhere. Having different file formats will allow you to send it immediately if a potential employer requests the resume in one specific format only.

- Also consider creating a “New Position” by coming together as a group of unemployed individuals and starting a new business. This may be a real challenge for those that have never had their own business before but the challenge could be really rewarding, very fruitful and lead to acquiring a “New Position” in an area you never would have originally considered.

- All countries will recover from this economic down turn and before the recovery happens, people still need to eat, sleep, deal with health issues, and entertain themselves. Money will be spent and paid to someone offering what these spenders require. Find a service or product in these niche market areas and fll the niche. Do not take advantage of those that are unemployed and desperate.

There are all sorts of useful PDA related applications available with many around $10 and some even FREE. The programs range from Financial Managers to keep track of bank details and credit cards,  Budgeting software, Expense Trackers, Time Management and many others.

Budget Manager Deluxe - Image: Clickapps

Budget Manager Deluxe - Image: Clickapps

My Employees  is one software which can be useful to store details of your coworkers and use this to mutually help each other in passing along potential leads and employment opportunities. Contacting a potential employer at that critical junction can mean the difference of the position being filled by you or someone else in your group. Being at the right place at the right time is not just a saying but happens for real to many people everyday.

My Employees - Image: Sparkle Solution

My Employees - Image: Sparkle Solution

Use email, SMS messaging, Facebook, Twitter and all other automated resources you would normally use while employed to your advantage. Do not abandon them because you are nolonger employed. Get the word out to all your colleagues that you are out of work and now aggressively looking for a “New Position”.

Good Luck

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