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MSI: The Deal Between Lexcycle and Amazon.com

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The BLOG @ Lecycle.com has announced that their product STANZA and the company has been bought by Amazon. The company created about 1 year ago released STANZA on the APPLE APP Store for FREE. I was curious to find out why this deal was important to Amazon and what STANZA really offered that was appealing. There are a number of other e-book reading software available for the iPhone also like:

After reading through the previous blog postings at Lexcycle and details on the Amazon Kindle on Amazon, I am beginning to see what makes this deal a good one for Amazon and Lexcycle. I have not tried any of these e-book readers to see if STANZA is one of the better ones or not. That being said, what I have discovered is that Amazon looks to improve its Kindle image by expanding into the public domain and other licensed e-book marketplaces.

Here is a short list of what makes STANZA and Lexcycle attractive:

  • BooksOnBoard makes their e-book titles available through STANZA.
  • Pan Macmillan makes titles available through STANZA.
  • Fictionwise.com makes titles available through STANZA.
  • Random House Publishing Group makes titles available through STANZA.
  • ALL Romance Books makes titles available through STANZA.
  • Harlequin gives away FREE book through STANZA.
  • STANZA named the Best FREE App during 2008 Best App Ever Awards
  • Over 1 million iPhone and iTouch users have downloaded STANZA.
  • STANZA supports downloading e-books directy which the Amazon e-book reader for iPhone does not.

From the list above, Lexcycle has gone above and beyond other e-book software developers by joining forces with a number of well known companies in the publishing industry to forge awareness and acceptance of their e-book reader software. This makes the company very attractive to another company like Amazon since STANZA supports some file formats not supported by the Kindle and Lexcycle has some strategic alliances with companies not currently associated with the Amazon Kindle

Apparently the STANZA will still be provided “AS IS” with no plans in the immediate future to change the application to suit Amazon. Looks like another independent company gets acquired by another media giant. Hope it works out well for both companies.



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