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Macro Photography

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Macro photography is something that is mostly forgotten by many casual photographers. Moast digital cameras have a macro setting that allows you to get really close up to your subjects like 3 – 5 cm. (1 – 2 inches). It is not always about taking an image of a small object but also taking just a small portion of a larger object.


  • Insects
  • Very small flowers
  • Inside of the flower like the stamen and pistil
  • The broken end of a hockey stick
  • 3 – 4 keys on a piano
  • inside of a wrist watch

You will be amazed at what you can discover when you get close and personal to your subjects. A spider on a spiders web or ants on a sunflower are moving specimens that are difficult to capture. Bees close up are also a challenge but can be very rewarding when you get that perfect shot. Try your hand at taking some Macro shots of stationery objects, you will be amazed on what turns out. There is a website devoted to macro photography located www.macrophotography.com which can serve asa great source for subject ideas.

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