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Jays brings award-winning audio to the masses with new streamlined v-JAYS

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v-JAYS, the award-winning headphone from Swedish audio equipment manufacturer Jays AB (publ), is undergoing an update and re-launch at an even more attractive price.

v-JAYS headphones are defined by their clear musicality, ease of use and authentic approach to music and sound. With a prestigious victory at the Bristol Shows HiFi World Awards 2010, top-ratings in iCreate, The Sunday Times and host of Swedish and international awards since their launch, v-JAYS have successfully managed to convey the passion, innovation and pure love of music that form the basis of the JAYS brand.

The new v-JAYS model has been updated with a matt finish and completely new packaging, but is otherwise completely unchanged…except for the price. Due to the success of the model Jays is now able to reduce the price of the v-JAYS and offer the best possible audio quality to the widest possible audience. New model v-JAYS are launched on 6 July and during the first week will be sold exclusively in Sweden by CDON.COM.

“We are very pleased with how v-JAYS have evolved since their launch in 2009” says Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO of Jays AB (publ). “It’s not often that a product is still gathering momentum a few years after its launch. We’re proud to have developed v-JAYS all by ourselves with relatively little funding and we’re even more proud that the product has been able to speak for itself in a crowded international market. We know our success is thanks to the music loving users who have responded to our music obsessive brand-DNA and we’re grateful for their support. That we can now make v-JAYS even more accessible with a more attractive price is simply a natural part of our effort to share our passion for music and joy for what we do with as many people as possible.”

Price: USD 69.99

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