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iPad game “Reflection Connection” picked as New & Noteworthy

Rating 4.33 out of 5

First offering from Pixani Games gets nod from Apple

Media, PA – June 23, 2011 – Just days after its release in Apple’s App Store, “Reflection Connection,” the first iPad game created by fledgling company Pixani Games LLC, has been promoted to the coveted New & Noteworthy section in both categories where it is offered: Puzzles and Board Games.

“We’re very excited and grateful,” says Mike Lorenz, Pixani’s Lead Designer. “We were hoping Apple would see what our beta testers saw, and it looks like they did. From the very beginning, our testers absolutely loved Reflection Connection. One of them told us it’s the first game since Tetris that had him so addicted to something so simple.” 

Reflection Connection is a unique game, infusing a mixture of casual playing and positional strategy. Players place mirrors on a board to reflect beams of light to connect identical pairs of gems. As more beams of light are created, less of the board is left for new ones, so some planning is often required.

“What’s great about this game,” adds Lorenz, “is you can choose to solve small boards, which play very quickly, or choose larger boards which can take ten minutes apiece. There’s even a mode where everyone in the room with an iPad syncs to the same board to see who can solve it fastest. I’ve seen this in action, and it’s a ton of fun, especially when kids play against adults.”

Reflection Connection is now available as an iPad app for $1.99 in the United States. Pixani is currently working on an iPhone / iPod Touch version. The game was written using Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK.

For more information on the game, including a demonstration video, visit http://www.ref-con.com. For more information on the Corona SDK, visit http://www.anscamobile.com/corona.

Pixani Games LLC is an independent games studio based near Philadelphia, PA. Mike Lorenz co-founded the company in 2011 to create enjoyable games, much like the ones he played growing up. Lorenz won First Prize in the Ansca Corona 48-hour competition in February 2011 for his entry “Princess Pixani and the Monkeys of Rainbow Island”, completed from start to finish in 48 hours real time.

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