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How to Effectively Purchase Electronic Equipment

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At least once a year, we all consider the purchase of some kind of electronic device. Be it a mobile device, home entertainment product, handyman tools or something for the kitchen. When we budget for these products, many of you will not include accessories as an essential cost in the original purchase pricetag. Accessories are very important from the beginning and should not be considered an add-on down the road.

It is very important to include accessories in the initial budget when considering to put aside funds for future purchases. All electronic products are manufactured with accessories. Many of you will think of accessories as a additional money grab by manufacturers but in reality this not a fair assessment.

Accessories are crutial to maximize the main electronics use or to provide the necessary functionality for the product out of the box. These are some of the reasons to include accessories in the initial purchase.

  • Any home entertainment product like stereos, TV, game systems, DVD players and others are designed to work with other home entertainment devices. Additionl connectivity cables will be required to interact with these compatible products.
  • Placement of these devices are very important to maximize enjoyment and the standard cable lengths will most likely not be sufficient to reach the eletrical outlet within a  given room. For this reason, an extension cable will be required.
  • Since most of us will have multipe devices to be connected to a given outlet, a good multi unit power bar is a requirement.
  • To protect your property from the hazards of fire and electrical shock, a good surge suppressor is mandatory. I would recommend at least a surge suppression of 4000 Joules minimum. This will protect your expensive electronics from being damaged due to a power surge. A power surge can be from the furnace kicking in, air conditioner, refrigerator or any other electronic device that is not running continuously on maximum power drain. The electrical surge can also come from outside the home in rare instances.  Thunder storms are a common source of external power surges. Any product damaged due to a power surge will not be covered by the included product warranty.
  • Battery backup. This is an important product to have for users or purchasers of a desktop computer, users of a wireless router for high speed internet and cordless hone users. When you experience a power outage, your desktop computer, wireless/wired Internet and cordless phones will be inaccessible. A battery backup can easily provide 20 minutes or more of backup power to allow use of the electronic device during the power outage. 
  • Cell phones used in the car will require some form of a hands free device. A wired headset or a Bluetooth wireless headset should be purchased at the same time if you have any plans to use the cell phone in the car.
  • Remote devices included with the main product or purchased separately will most likely not come with batteries or contain batteries that do not last as long as necessary. The purchase of rechargeable batteries and a charger should also be included from the beginning.
  • Printers require a printer cable, paper and additional ink since ink runs out quickly and some printers only come with a starter cartridge and not a full cartridge.
  • Musical keyboards may require an external power AC adapter but will certainly require a good stand from day one. If you plan on using a synth in conjunction with musical computer software then you may also require a separate MIDI adapter plus MIDI cables. A foot pedal and a suitable stool should also be considered.

I would include 25% of the total budget to go towards the purchase of accessories right from the beginning. Do not think that skimping on the purchase of accessories will allow you to purchase that perfect device on a very tight budget. You are only prolonging the necessary purchase and risking the chance of damage to your device that will not be covered by the warranty or incur an expensive fine for violating the local law for the illegal use of a cell phone while driving.

I would always include accessories whenever making the electronic purchase for yourself or for others. This will minimize headaches once you get the product home or shortly thereafter.

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