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HD Video Cam for Sports Enthusiasts Come of Age

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For years I have been looking for a good HD camera or a camera that is portable, small and allows something over 640 X 480 resolution. Companies do make small cameras in the $300.00 price range but are not suited for my use which would be to mount on a RC plane or bike helmet. I just came across a new camera that is manufactured just for this purpose called the VholdR. It does not have the fancy zoom, external lighting, or LCD display but perfect for mounting for use in extreme conditions.

Contour HD
Resolution – HD (1280×70)
Frame Rate – HD 30 fps
Field of View – 135 Degrees
Memory Card Size Limit – 16Gb
Battery – Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Weight – 4.2 oz (116g)
Alignment – Lasers w/ Rotating Lens
Record Time – HD Mode: 30Min/GB
Format – H.264
Editing Software – Mac & PC

The camera has huge potentials using the built in mounts for helmet and goggles. Should be easy to convert it for use on the handle bars of a mountain bike or an RC helicopter. Uses standard Sd memory cards and a recharegable lithium ion battery which I love. The built in dual laser pointer is a great added touch.

The manufacturer includes a 2 Gig memory card which allows approximately 1 hour of video recording time. This is more than plentyplus additonal crads are inexpensive nowadays.

What’s also amazing is the price. Starting from about $300.00 USD, any sports enthusiast that currently takes videos using a clunky handheld video camcorder has no excuse now to switch to the Contour HD.

Check out the skydiving video below


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