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3 GPS Wednesdays

GPS Wednesdays – Unique GPS Uses

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Whenever we think of GPS, we automatically associate this with an in car mappng and routing system. A GPS is much more than that and most consumers in North America are not fully aware of its true capabilities yet. A GPS is much more than just finding your way around or locating important landmarks.

Equipped with the right software and data, the GPS coordinates can convey a wealth of information about a given location. This information can be used for:

  • Education in the form of historical data like what occurred or existed in the past for a given location
  • Surveillance or tracking of individuals and/or property
  • The scientific use like the study of earthquakes and tectonic plate movement
  • Electronic Tour Guides
  • Tracking of pets and the elderly
  • Farming to record areas of high insect or weed infestation and areas of poor soil conditions.
  • Astronomy to provide a reference star chart based on a given location and to pinpoint stellar objects.
  • Sports recreation like fishing to determine the best spots to fish based on the certain fish type or weather conditions.

The next time you find yourself at your favorite software download site, take the time to see what selection of useful GPS related software you might find.

Some good software download sites:

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