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3 GPS Wednesdays

GPS Wednesdays: March 25

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GPS Tracking Online

If you have ever watched any of the Police dramas on TV, you would certainly seen them use  a system online that allows the police to enter a phone number and have the users location detected on a map. Now, you can do this yourself by going to the Mobile Tracker and entering the persons phone number. Actually this is not a real system but a joke system setup by the folks at www.megapranks.com. You can enter a phone number to track or not enter a number at all and click the Start Searching button. You will eventually see a map and then watch the satellite camera zoom right into the actual location of the user. Of course this is just but an intertaining one for a short period. You will certainly see what I mean once you go to the link above and try this out yourself.

Real GPS Tracking Online

There are actually real GPS location services out there and one I came across is even FREE to use. The service is available at www.instamapper.com. All you do is register online for FREE and install a small application onto your GPS enabled mobile phone. Then you can login into your account and track yourself on their map in real-time. You an even share this information with your friends and family. The map can be embedded into a website or Facebbok profile. It’s a great tool that can be used to track kids or the elderly that have special needs and concerns. You nolonger need to purchase specialized hardware, software and services that can be costly to use and maintain. As long as you have a GPS enabled phone or the ability to connect a GPS to your phone can use the FREE service.

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