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3 GPS Wednesdays

GPS Wednesdays: February 18

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Virtualpunk is a unique game that takes MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to a whole new level. Virtualpunk is GPS based therefore is best played  outdoors. Just like other RPG’s you must collect treasure, armor, weapons and fight your way through each level. The graphics are great for a mobile game and certainly well thought out.  If you have ever played a RPG game and enjoy them, you have to try Virtualpunk. For those that have never played a RPG but would like try something very unique while enjoying the outdoors have to give Virtualpunk a try.  One word of warning, on lookers may think you are a little odd walking around in circles.

Virtualpunk Image:Virtualpunk

Virtualpunk Image:Virtualpunk


Virtualpunk works on any phone that supports Java and you must have an active online connection to play the game. You can download the software HERE onto your PC first or go directly to wap.virtualpunk.com from your wap browser on your phone. 

GPS Gaming Console

Here is a new twist to an old design. A chinese manufacturer has combined a car GPS with a gaming console. The two are not designed to work together but when the GPS is not being used, the passengers can play different games.

GPS Game Console - Image: NAVIGADGET

GPS Game Console - Image: NAVIGADGET


 The device has a 4.3-inch TFT LCD Touch screen with 480 x 272 pixels resolution, and is powered by a Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor. Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2 is the operating system and comes with a controller for the games. Inside there’s a 64MB SDRAM ROM and 256MB NAND flash, and a high sensitive SiRF III antenna with 20 channels. You can go to NAVIGADGET for more details.

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