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Geocaching Worldwide

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It has been over 6 months since I did my last posting for GPS Wednesday. The reason being is there has not been anything really new or exciting to come along in this category that has caught my attention. I have decided to revisit the topic of geocaching which is still a popular GPS based outdoor activity.

I have always subscribed to learning as much as possible about a vacation spot and to travel within a city as a local would instead of a tourist. This means avoiding the tourist traps as much as possible or accessing local hot spots in the way locals do. For example, when I went to San Farncisco with the family, I would see hundreds of people lined up to buy tickets to the famous cable car by 10 am. at the bottom of Powell St and Market St. Talking to a local, I quickly discovered that around the corner and down the stairs leading to the BART subway station, there is an Information Centre that also sells tickets to ride on the famous cable cars. Absolutely no lineup and friendly service. Instead of waiting in line for over 1 hour, I was able to get tickets and in minutes I was on my way to the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Talking to a local means someone that does not work in the typical hospitality industry. Many of these people will direct you to tourist traps and not always to what is the most convenient or cost affective places. You will be surprised to find panhandlers are well informed and helpful about local information. You can avoid sudden closures of popular entertainment spots and find cost affective means of transportaion.

If you are into geocaching at home, you can certainly extend this activity and passion on your next vacation destination. Simple research before you travel on vacation can add hours of outdoor fun and excitement geocaching an area you have never traversed before. Geocaching is a very inexpensive way to tour a vacation spot for that added uniqueness.  You can go to http://www.geocaching.com/ and enter the city that you will be visiting for details on available cache deposits in that city. Some vacation spots have little activity happening on Sunday or Monday therefore these days are good for a geocache outing. These are some of the other websites that offer great information on geocaching.

You can also Google for city, state or country specific geochaching sites that have loads of information and geocaching activities specific to their location.

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