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Games I Like On 9/21/2010

Rating 4.00 out of 5

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted an edition of Games I Like.  Anyway, in today’s post I cover the usual wide range of games.  For the long distance runner there’s Dead Runner, a game that takes the “just keep going” genre to the first person perspective.  If you’ve beaten Angry Birds or just need a break from it there’s Cannon Cadets, the clone that replaces birds with little people in helmets and pigs with robots.  Finally we have Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber, a cute but spooky puzzle game from the world of Flash games.

Dead Runner – Canabalt set the standard (I guess), Monster Dash raised the bar (quite a bit in my opinion), and now Dead Runner is bringing a completely fresh perspective on the “infinite running” genre of games.  The setting is a densely populated forest, the view is over the shoulder, and the music is something pulled straight out of a Friday The Thirteenth or Freddy Krueger movie.  There are two game modes: distance and point.  Your goal in both is to earn the most points, but in distance you score simply by going as far as you can, whereas in points mode there are multipliers and coins to collect.  All this needs is a chase mode where you hear footsteps in the background and can get caught and you’ll have the ultimate horror movie mini-game.

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Cannon Cadets – If the birds were kids and the pigs were robots, you’d pretty much have Cannon Cadets.  This is still its own game, but it feels like everything is just one peg down from Angry Birds.  The game is simpler, the different characters are introduced a lot more slowly, and there’s no cool background music.  The one thing it does seem to have in its favor is that it seems a lot more “chain reaction” oriented than Angry Birds.  Well, that and the fact that you can actually use the act of rescuing fell Cannon Cadets to your advantage, because when you let them out of their cage they zoom up in the sky.  If you’ve either conquered all that Angry Birds has to offer or get frustrated by its intense difficulty in spots, you can’t go wrong with this one.  I’m just waiting for Angry Birds Vs. Cannon Cadets.

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Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber – In this game you’re basically running around a series of rooms collecting souls so that you can “exorcise” the mansion.  There’s really nothing new about the game.  You collect keys to open doors, move crates to create bridges and block in bad guys, and flip switches to do things.  You’ve seen it all before, and the puzzles in Phantom Mansion aren’t even all the difficult.  In fact, you can even play this for free on the internet.  However, the game has a nice polish to it.  The graphics are cute, the sound effects are decent, and the music is nice and eerie.  If this type of puzzle game entices you at all, you could certainly do a lot worse than the Red Chamber.

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So there you have it.  And based on the gap between the last Games I Like and this one, you can see why I never make promises on when the next installment will be.  I’ll try to be a little more timely with the next go around, however.  Until then…

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