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Games I Like on 9/16/11

Rating 4.00 out of 5

You know, sometimes I sit back and sadly realize that I’m part of the reason the App Store is the way it is today.  Not a big part, mind you, because that’s impossible given the sheer number of users the App Store has.  But, it’s because of the “don’t try it until it’s free” mentality that so many like me share that good developers struggle to make it in this market.  I probably never would have tried two out of the three games in this list if they wouldn’t have gone free, and yet I obviously liked them or they wouldn’t be here in this list.  Anyway, no more soapbox.  So what do this edition’s games have in common?  They are all puzzle games (though the last one is a bit iffy), and for the most part have been overshadowed by other games in their genre.  Read, enjoy, and go get yourself a couple new games when you’re done.

Cover Orange – Like so many of my “Games I Like” stories start out, I downloaded this one mainly because it was free at the time.  As it turns out, I could quite potentially have missed out on one really cool physics puzzle game.  In this game your sole mission is to protect the innocent oranges from the nasty cloud that rains down something akin to little metal balls.  To do this you must make sure the oranges are all covered, but you can’t just move them to safety.  Instead you must drop objects from the sky to either coax the oranges or the surroundings to move in such a way that all the metal balls will roll away to oblivion and not touch a single orange.  It’s quite challenging but ultimately rewarding when you pass a level.  The graphics, sound and music are all cartoony and fun, and assuming that each world has 20 levels in it, there are over 200 levels for you to complete.  It’s time for you to protect the vitamin C for a change.
App Store Link

Bullistic – Here’s a game that brings the proverbial saying “a bull in a china shop” to life.  The game play is like Angry Birds, but the targets are nothing more than helpless but expensive dining ware and pottery.  Well, that and anything else the game will let you destroy.  The game is short at only 15 levels, the controls are a bit touchy, and you only get one type of bull unless you shell out 99 cents for a pack of three new varieties (there are two packs total).  So why is this in my “games I like” list?  Despite all the drawbacks the game is actually quite a bit of fun.  The game is also free, so it doesn’t hurt to try it.  Personally I’d like to see the game get a bit more recognition so maybe the developers will actually make more levels after all this time.  It never hurts to have more Angry Birds style games that are done right.
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Archibald’s Adventures – This is probably really more of a platform game with puzzle elements, but those elements are so finely woven into each level that it almost feels like an “action oriented” puzzle game.  Besides, I’m a big fan of this one, having already played and reviewed it on the Pocket PC platform.  It’s just as fun over here.  You play a skateboard riding boy (not Bart, thank goodness) that must escape his uncle’s crazy laboratory.  You’ll need all your wits about you as you manipulate crates, open doorways, ride different contraptions, and even outsmart mutated creatures to reach the exit on each level.  Things start out pretty mild, but this game certainly makes you tug on the thinking cap over time.  The graphics are a bit tiny, but there is certainly no lack of detail or animation.  The sound isn’t bad, and the music is nice and upbeat.  It’s certainly a nice little spin on platform puzzle games.
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That’s it for this edition of “Games I Like”.  Next time around I’ll tackle the ever growing and highly addictive genre know as the “infinite running” game.

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