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Games I Like on 8/9/2010

Rating 4.00 out of 5

It’s time for another round of “Games I Like”. As is pretty much the norm lately, these games really don’t have anything in common, except that they’re fun. A couple of them are bordering on silly, in fact. However, as the title implies, these are all “Games I Like”, so you can rest assured that they would all receive a Recommended rating from me.

Tunnel Shoot – I like to call this game “Tempest in a tube”. There have been several tunnel flying games in the last few months, and this is by far the most entertaining. The graphics are slick, the music is cool, and the action gets intense, especially in the recently released Insanity mode. The tilt and fire controls work flawlessly, and releasing a bomb is a simple matter of a two finger touch. This is a nice change of pace from the typical scrolling shooters, while still maintaining all the thrills you’ve come to expect from such a game.

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Fastar! – This game is more of a spoof than anything, but it’s fun to play none the less. You are the brave hero of a nameless town, and it’s up to you to conquer the hordes of squares that have taken over the countryside. A simple mechanic of tilt to run, quick shake to thrust, and tap to swing your sword normally is amazingly enough a fulfilling combat experience for short bursts. You can collect money to regenerate health and increase strength and defense, and your ultimate goal is to reach the right side of the level. There are 28 different modes to play, and you can record your high scores both locally and globally. The graphics are cute, the music is actually well done, and the overall spirit of the game is light and relaxing.

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Leap Sheep! HD – I honestly probably never would have gotten this if it hadn’t gone free for a day, and that would have been my loss. This game is a blast! You wouldn’t think making sheep jump over a fence would be all that fun, but as you start to get three rows of sheep going at a brisk pace it can be challenging. Add to that the fact that more than one sheep start coming out in a single row at the same time, and the playing field gets downright hectic. Thankfully the rams can help clear the lanes, but they are in short supply, so use them wisely. The graphics are cute, the music is amusing (though it only plays for a short bit as the level starts), and this is one of those games that you could easily play with your kids – though you might have to fight over your iDevice with them. The game is a universal binary, so you win no matter what iDevice you have.

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That’s another edition of “Games I Like”. Next up… who knows? Why should I spoil the surprise!

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