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Games I Like on 7/20/11

Rating 4.00 out of 5

I didn’t realize it as I was putting these entries together, but this edition of Games I Like contains fuzzy, more fuzzy, and just as fuzzy when it comes to the games’ characters.  In Chuzzle you’ll spending your time popping a bunch of fuzzy creatures.  Chicks Vs Kittens has you protecting your tree from a bunch of sneaking cats in one of the more original tower defense (if you can even call it that) style games I’ve seen.  Finally, Panda Adventure is a puzzle game about a panda bear and its stars.  All cool, all fun, and all fuzzy.

Chuzzle – First of all, Chuzzles are cute.  Who couldn’t love a Chuzzle?  This is my third version of the game (I also own it for the Pocket PC and PC), and it’s as fun now as when I first loaded it up on my Dell Axim in January of 2006.  Yeah it’s “just” a match 3 game, but the great thing about Chuzzle is that everything it does is over the top.  You start getting chain matches and the special effects go nuts.  Finish a level in normal mode and the “Chuzzle soul container” explodes as your score is counted up.  Even the music is some crazy 70s disco stuff.  The game has four game play modes, including one designed for true puzzle aficionados (though I think the version of Mind Bender on the iPhone is easier than other versions I’ve played), and it’s one of the few matching games where I can actually stand to play the “no levels, no timer” mode.  If you like match 3 games, you owe it to yourself to get Chuzzle.

App Store Link

Chicks Vs Kittens – This is yet another perfect example of how App Store bloat can cause good games to suffer.  I personally would never have bothered with this game before it went free, and I’m sure a lot of people haven’t even heard of it.  As it turns out, however, the game is lots of fun.  Your objective is to protect the mama bird in her nest, and your weapons are the baby chicks she pops out.  The enemy is wave after wave of nasty cats that can’t take a hint.  You “generate” new babies, upgrade them if desired, then tap on them and select a target.  Falling leaves are the currency, and in order to earn gold stars you actually have to tap on them to collect them as they float by.  The graphics are cute, the music and sound effects are decent, and I’m not sure I’ve really played another game quite like it on my iPod Touch before.

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Panda Adventure – I’m not even really sure I knew what kind of game this was when I got it.  The game was free and the screen shots looked kind of cool, so I downloaded Panda Adventure.  It turns out, however, that this is actually a pretty nifty little puzzle game.  Each level requires you to get all the stars and ultimately yourself into a teleport somewhere on the screen.  There will be plenty of obstacles like doors and monsters and such, as well as objects you need to retrieve or manipulate like keys, explosives and boulders.  The puzzles are well thought out, the visuals are small but well detailed, and the sound effects are decent and sometimes amusing.  The only drawbacks are that there is no music, and the controls are pretty crummy, especially when you have to do something quickly.  If you can muddle past the control issue, however, there is certainly a diamond in the rough to enjoy here.

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That’s it for this round.  Next time I’ll discuss three more games that have caught my attention over time.  It might even be that “running games” edition I promised last time…

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