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Games I Like on 6/6/2011

Rating 4.33 out of 5

This edition of Games I Like features Rampage gone doodle, a lite version of a cool shooter, and time management for the girls (and guys who are manly enough to admit they play girlie games).  These aren’t exactly the best examples of games in their genres, but they certainly kept me entertained long enough for me to write about them!

Doodle Vs. Brute – Lately I tend to shy away from doodle games, but since this one was made by the good folks that created Defender Chronicles I thought I’d give it a try.  Turns out it was a good choice for the most part.  You play the brute, and you must smash the doodles to earn tech points so you can keep upgrading yourself.  The game has 37 levels, and it will probably take quite some time to get all the upgrades (if that’s even possible).  The main issue is that game play can get a bit repetitive, and since upgrades cost so much you’ll have to probably play some levels over again to earn more tech points.  Of course the other option is to outright buy the tech points through IAP, but my feeling is that IAP should only be about extras, not necessities in order for me to enjoy the game.  So, I’ll struggle on my way to earning tech points very slowly.  The graphics are some of the better ones I’ve seen in a doodle game, and the music is pretty decent.  There is a free version, so I’d recommend playing a few levels in that one before deciding to buy the full version.  You also have the advantage of buying the full version via IAP, which I believe mainly removes the ads.

App Store Link

SSI: Zero – I’m not normally one to write about lite versions of software, but in this case I was formulating my thoughts before I realized that this was only the first two levels of an upcoming game.  Still, this is probably one of the most entertaining scrolling shooters I’ve played in a while.  First off, I want to thank the developers for NOT making me fight wave after wave of alien ships again.  Even though huge nasty bugs aren’t exactly original either, it’s still used a lot less than other types of enemies in scrolling shooters.  Second, I love the fact that you can upgrade your ship between levels and keep those upgrades when you die.  Third, while they weren’t overly difficult, I did rather like the boss battles.  The first boss was pretty nifty.  The visuals of the bugs were quite splendid as well, though I wasn’t quite as keen on the backgrounds.  Still, the overall package makes me real eager to see what they have in store for the full version.

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Fashion Love – The more of them I play, the more I realize that as long as it’s fun to play, the actual products of a time management game don’t matter so much.  Case in point is Fashion Love, a game about running a clothing store.  One would think that wouldn’t appeal to most men, but the truth is the game has kept my attention quite well so far.  It’s not quite as polished as games like Cake Mania or Diner Dash, but it still looks good, sounds good, and plays like a true time management game.  Besides, there are times where I really appreciate a game that allows me to score a huge amount above my goal in the first few levels.  I just wish some of the things like rolls of fabric were a little bit easier to select.

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That’s it for this edition.  Next time around I’ll be featuring “continuous running” games, because we all know there aren’t enough of those on the App Store already.

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