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Games I Like on 5/30/2010

Rating 4.00 out of 5

I go through way many more games than  I have the time to write full reviews on, which was supposed to be the whole point of the Quick Look concept.  For better or worse Quick Looks have become more like full reviews, but there are still a lot of games I’d like to tell you about.  That’s what this new irregular segment – entitled “Games I Like” – is going to be about.  I would recommend any game that appears in this article, so you don’t have to wonder why there are no ratings.  But, enough of this banter.  On to the games:

Ultimate Hangman – I’m not a big fan of hangman, even after playing this game. However, there are two things that caught my attention, both of which could very easily convert those who are on the edge about the whole experience. The first is that you seem to get a lot more chances to pick bad letters with Ultimate Hangman than with other variants of the game. Second, the Doodle Hangman theme is absolutely hysterical. I think I even caught myself chuckling out loud a couple of times… at a hangman game!

App Store Link

Woolly Factory – As a match 3 game it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Instead, it’s just a fun game with a cool atmosphere and some rockin’ music. Besides, you get to build toys (albeit knitted ones), so what more could you ask for? The graphics are neat, and I love the opening screen and menu. Oh, and there’s a panic button that destroys a bunch of toys at once. Who doesn’t love panic buttons?

App Store Link

Pistols At Dawn – This is a game that’s more about concept than presentation. The graphics and sound are okay, but it’s the game play that sets it apart from just about anything. The game is a series of duels to the death interwoven with a story that plays like a pioneering soap opera. The duels are not action oriented, however. Instead of using a trigger finger you must manipulate your crosshairs (and possibly your opponent’s) by placing a series of numbers around a circular board. At the end the victor is whoever has their crosshair actually hovering over their opponent. It’s a bit hard to explain in such a short paragraph, but if you’re looking for something unique at least check out the lite version.

App Store Link
App Store Lite Version

Currently all of these games are available for 99 cents, but of course anyone that knows the App Store is aware that this could change at a moment’s notice.  If you have a buck to spare and are looking for something fun, I’d especially recommend Woolly Factory or Pistols At Dawn.  That’s it until the urge to write short synopses strikes me again!

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