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Games I Like on 4/3/2011

Rating 4.00 out of 5

I keep telling myself I’m going to get better about posting “Games I Like” articles, then lo and behold, it’s 4 months since my last posting!  Anyway, this edition’s list really has nothing in common other than I enjoyed them all.  I actually have a nice selection of games here – a free 3D tank game, a cool zombie slaying game where you control a snowball, and a cute platform game steeped in controversy.

etb-iconEndi Tank Battle – This is a really cool free tank game.  The battlefields are locations from your childhood, like the sandbox or a kitchen table piled with lots of spilled food.  The graphics are quite nice, and the tanks and other weapons are slick to say the least.  I love how the tanks almost waddle away when they are wounded, or how your tank seems to jump for joy when you’ve eliminated all of the enemies.  There are 15 levels currently, though the developers are promising more to come.  Truthfully, even at just 15 levels and a few minutes of game time it’s worth the download.  I’d suggest snagging it before they decide to put an actual price on it.

App Store Link

stz-iconSquish The Zombies – I thought I’d seen it all, and then Squish The Zombies came along.  You actually use a snowball to take out as many zombies as you can!  Squished zombies make your snowball bigger, and in arcade mode running into things like trees and houses make your snowball smaller (though you will crush the objects – or potentially jump over the houses – in the process).  Simple tilt controls allow you to direct the snowball, and that’s all you have to do.  Besides arcade mode there’s blitz mode, where you get 60 seconds to take out as many zombies as you can with no obstacles, and quota mode, where you get 30 second stints to take out an increasingly larger number of zombies.  The graphics are cute and the sound effects are well done, though the zombie squishing noise does get a bit grating when there are a ton of zombies on screen at once.  Sadly there is no music, but most of the time it doesn’t matter.  This is a fun zombie hunting variant that you’ll want to add to your collection.

App Store Link

max-iconMaxplosion – I really do feel bad about whatever went down between Capcom and the developers of the game that this was “ripped off” from.  However, not having seen the original content, I really like what Capcom has done with this game.  From the visuals to the theme song, everything feels like a Saturday morning cartoon.  You play a funny looking red creature that can explode up to three times in a row in order to jump, activate objects and fight enemies.  In order to score maximum points on a level you must beat it under a certain amount of time, collect a given number of energy cells, and find a green glowing rod.  The levels are well designed, but if I had to gripe I’d say they were just a bit too large for what little real estate exists on the small screen.  Of course a mini-map could solve that problem.  I’m not real keen on the slider control either, but it works well for the most part.  I just think this is a nice example of how platform games can exist quite well on the iDevice.

App Store Link

So there you have it.  Another edition of “Games I Like” is done and gone.  I’ll try to have another one out to you guys before 4 months slips away again.

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