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Games I Like on 12/31/2010

Rating 4.00 out of 5

For the last Games I Like of 2010 I thought I’d cover a genre that I’ve recently grown quite fond of – the running game. Now before you get too worried I’m not going all health conscious on you. I’m talking about the type of game where you basically accumulate a high score by running until you either run into something or fall off a cliff. Honestly the concept seems like it would get boring after a while, but I find myself getting more addicted to the games that employ such a mechanic. Without further ado, here are three of them…

Pig Rush – I’ve actually had this game for quite a while, but first got around to playing it when my wife picked it up for free over the holiday season. It turns out the simple tale of a pig running for his life is quite the time consumer. If you’re good (or you just play lots of games) you can download different themes, including one that lets you play a reindeer. There are also some themes you can buy through IAP. To top it off this game has a two player mode, which is a first for me and running games. The graphics are cute, and the music is pretty decent. This is a great addition to an running game fan’s collection, and it’s also a good one for kids.

App Store Link

Canabalt – After playing the Flash version of this game I had no intentions of picking it up, because I really didn’t find it all that interesting. When it dropped to 99 cents for the charity sale, however, I decided to give it a go, and as it turns out the iPhone version is much more appealing to me. I find that odd, because I’m pretty sure it’s basically the same game, but whatever. There are no cute critters here. Instead you are just some dude running for your life. The thing with Canabalt is that it’s all about atmosphere. The color palette is simply shades of grey. The music is quite foreboding. The pitter patter of your footsteps actually changes when moving from a stone rooftop to a metal girder. And of course I always love watching a flock of pigeons take off when you land in the middle of them. Just make sure that if you’re not hearing sounds you reset your device to free up some memories, because this is one game where the sound effects really enhance the experience.

App Store Link

Lame Castle – This is a running game with a difference. You play a valiant knight riding a wooden horse, trying to save your princess by deflating blow up castles. Unlike most running games, however, this one is broken up into distinct, beatable segments. To finish a level it appears that you simply have to deflate the castle at the end of the level. However, each level has a bonus for you to try and tackle. In one level it might be just to score a certain number of points, while in another level you would need to rustle a bunch of chickens around. Each bonus is different, and it adds a nice dimension to the game. The graphics are colorful, the music is upbeat, and the fake horse just cracks me up.

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And so ends the final Games I Like for 2010. It’s been a great year for games, and I’m really looking forward to what 2011 has to offer. Keep reading, keep playing, and keep having fun!

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