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Games I Like on 10/9/10

Rating 4.00 out of 5

As is so often the case with Games I Like, the 3 games in this post really don’t have anything in common.  One is an interesting take on the legend of Robin Hood, complete with an oversized stuffed bear?  The other two are “climb as high as you can” games, though one is focused on flinging a frog while the other has you guiding a ninja between two buildings.  The ascension games are free, so I encourage you to check them out even if you aren’t impressed with my recommendations.

Robin Hood: Hero Of Hope – I love it when I buy a game on a whim and it actually ends up being pretty decent.  This is the story of Robin Hood, Scarlet and some really big bear and their attempts to mess with the Sheriff Of Nottingham.  I know, you were with me until the bear, right?  Anyway, you can choose to play either Robin or Scarlet, and you go through several action sequences where you can fight using your bow and arrow or with a knife.  The combat is actually fairly well handled, especially in the one finger mode.  Every action sequence is also complimented with a fairly substantial cut scene.  The graphics aren’t great (though I’ve seen much worse), and the voice acting is actually pretty good.  I just wish that in scenes where it made sense they’d actually let you use a character besides the one you picked, and it would also be cool to use the bear.  Otherwise this is a nice little game.

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Froggy Launcher – This has got to be one of the best “keep on climbing” games I’ve played for my iPod Touch so far.  The game stars a cute little ragdoll frog who will eventually get beat up so much that he’ll don casts on his arms and legs.  Things like elastic goo tentacles and thick brick stones will try and keep the frog down, while other items like springs and rocket packs give him an extra boost.  You can collect coins which will help you earn diamonds, and if you’re connected to the internet you can beat daily quests to earn more diamonds.  These diamonds can be used to buy items in the store.  There is also IAP to purchase diamonds if you want to accelerate the process.  Every time I load this up I find myself playing multiple games before I can quit.

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Ninjump – As long as we’re talking about “keep on climbing” games, I suppose it would be a good time to mention Ninjump.  I recently wrote about Buganoids, which along with Ninjump was a part of Backflip Studios’ freemium summer lineup.  In Ninjump you play a cool little ninja who must continually jump between two buildings, taking out various animals and throwing stars while avoiding enemy ninja and objects protruding from the building walls.  If you slice three of the same obstacle in a row you’ll temporarily gain a power related to that object that pretty much lets you defeat everything without trying.  For example, killing three birds gets you temporary wings.  The visuals are really slick, the music and sound effects are good, and the fact that you can literally play the game and hold your device with one hand is way cool.

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There you have it – another triad of games that go in the “win” column for me.  I’m not 100% sold on the idea yet, but I think next time around is going to be about iPhone ports of PC games that I also liked.  Stay tuned…

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