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Games I Like for 6/18/2010

Rating 4.00 out of 5

It’s time for another round of “Games I Like”.  Once again there’s no theme to this group of games, other than the fact that I played them and I liked them.  I think if you gave them a shot you’d like them too.

Super 7 – I wasn’t really interested in this game, but AppSmile had it in their weekly contest, and it was the only one for that week that I didn’t have that might have appealed to me, so I entered the contest and won a copy.  It turns out the game is actually quite fun and addictive.  It’s line drawing, but instead of vehicles or creatures or people, you’re drawing lines between discs with numbers on them.  The goal is that you end up with discs containing the number 7.  Make a combination that’s higher than 7 or lower than -7 and you lose.  It doesn’t take long before the action gets quick and furious, and things like number multipliers / dividers and sign changers can really throw a wrench in your plans – or prove immensely beneficial.  The graphics are pretty snazzy for mainly being discs with numbers on them, and the music is quite upbeat and nice to listen to.  If you think you’ve played it all when it comes to line drawing, you really need to give this one a shot.

App Store Link

Racer – This is a simple car racing game where you’re driving down a multi-lane highway and you basically need to stay alive as long as you can.  To steer the car you drag it where you want to go – left and right to switch lanes and forward and back to move faster and slower.  There are two freestyle modes (one harder than the other), a “slots” mode which is basically freestyle where you need to collect stars for bonus points, and “career” mode which is slots with a goal of so many stars per level.  While not jaw dropping the graphics are certainly appealing, and the crashing and screeching when you hit a car are sure authentic.  Some music would be nice, but otherwise this is a solid if a bit simplistic little racer that has actually managed to hold my attention.

App Store Link

Yipe 5 – I bought this a while back and just now got around to trying it.  As luck would have it the game is actually pretty fun.  It’s very old school RPG, from the interface to the lack of character customization, but for some quick tile based dungeon exploring it does the job.  The graphics are colorful, combat is quick yet satisfying, and the whole thing is easy to pick up and get into.  Besides, where else are you going to get to fight zombie rabbits and zombie chickens in the same game?

App Store Link

Well there you have it.  Three cool games in no particular order that can easily keep you busy for minutes at a time!  Racer is free as of this posting (6/18/2010), so if you don’t have it yet, now would be a really good time to grab it.

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