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Free For All Weekend: Why I Purchased an iPod Touch

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Many of you have known me as a long time Windows Mobile PDA user. During the period of 2004 – 2008, I was also a Microsoft Valuable Professional in the mobility category for my contributions to the Windows Mobile online community. Since 2008, I have noticed a wave of iPhone and iPod Touch users. As with the older iPod devices, these users mainly listened to their vast collection of music and watched the odd TV show or movie. In early 2008, Windows Mobile developers started to contact me for reviews on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Since I did not own an Apple product, I was not in any position to accept their offer.

As months past, I started to notice a decline in the release of new Windows Mobile games and applications. Looking into this immediately indicated that many Windows Mobile developers had started to expand into the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch arena. I would not have thought twice about this market switch if it was not for the fact that these games and applications were being made available on the iTunes store for 99 cents. Typically a similar game or application on the Windows Mobile would be anywhere from $9.95 – $19.95 with some being much higher. Initially, I took this as a introductory trend and within 4 – 6 months I felt I would start to see a large number of iPhone and iPod Touch applications appear in the $10.00 price range or higher.

By Christmas of 2008, the number of applications available in the $10.00 or higher price range on iTunes was still a very small number compared to the applications available for only 99 cents. By this time, a number of reports were released indicating how some new developers had sold over 1 million copies of their application at 99 cents in less than 1 year. This level of distribution was unheard of in the Windows Mobile category to date. Shortly thereafter, A long time reviewer and blogger on Technobrains of Windows Mobile games informs me that he has acquired an iPod Touch. This was great news for Technobrains. Now, Eric would be able to review some iPod Touch games as well.

Unfortunately, the excitement for me disappeared by March. Eric had started to review iPod Touch games and had little time or interest in reviewing Windows Mobile games by this time. Eric was hooked on his iPod Touch. Eric eventually went from doing full reviews to doing what he now calls “QUICK LOOK”. This is a great format and allows readers to quickly guage if a game is worth the download time and expense.

TheĀ “QUICK LOOK” created by Eric are excellent for those that do not have the inclination or time to scour the thousands of games available for download on iTunes. Eric has devoted his time into selecting the games which may have the mass appeal and rate them in his “QUICK LOOK”. Many games are “Recommended” but some are also “Not Recommended”.

After spending almost 12 months reading Eric’s “QUICK LOOK”, I had come to the conclusion that the low priced games and applications on iTunes is the wave of the future and Windows Mobile applications that are $9.95 and higher will eventually disappear and be part of history. This has convinced me that to maintain the readership and have Technobrains grow down the road, I would have to increase the coverage of iPhone and iPod Touch news and reviews. This lead me to my purchase of an iPod Touch.

After a week of owning and trying my new iPod Touch, I have come to the realization that this product does have many great things going for it. There are a number of down sides which I will not discuss here but overall, the iPod Touch is definately miles ahead of Windows Mobile devices. The selection of good games and applications that are available for 99 cents is a huge benefit for those looking for a new mobile device.

If you are a Windows Mobile device user and still do not feel that purchasing an Apple mobile device is a good investment, you have to at least try one at your local Apple store. You will find that the product does have a good number of features that out performs any Windows Mobile device. I would highly suggest you avoid going to a non Apple store. The sales clerks at these other stores are not as savvy with the iPod Touch as the staff at the Apple stores. It is nolonger a battle between Windows and Apple anymore. Anyone looking for a simple device that takes care of most of the mobile devices housekeeping chores for you, do not have to look beyond an Apple iPod Touch. Once you overcome some of the very minor inconveniences experienced by other Windows Mobile users moving to the iPod Touch, you will be glad you made the switch like I have.

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