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6 Free For ALL Weekend

Free For All Weekend – November 22nd

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We are now in the tail end of November and we have experienced one of the best November weather in a good number of years. This has allowed me to devote more time outdoors instead of being under the covers staying warm. To maximize the enjoyment of this great weather, I have been taking part in various activities.  Most activities are those that allowed me to get some exercise and enjoy the simple things in life.

- Cycling.

- Walking along the beach.

- Watching the planes land and take off at the airport.

- Wildlife and nature photography taking.

- Kite Flying.

- Remote controlled plane flying.

- Bird Watching.

One great activity that most people would never think of doing would be paper airplane flying outdoors. These could be some of the reasons why.

One: it is a childs activity.

Two: most people cannot make a good paper airplane.

Three: it is boring since most paper airplanes we made as kids flew straight into the ground or did not fly at all.

I can assure you that nowadays, flying a paper airplane is a truly wonderous activity outdoors. The standard 9 1/2 X 11 white paper has come along way and is better in quality from when we were kids. Given the right wind conditions, good paper and a solid paper airplane design, I can make a paper airplane that flies well outdoors. I have discovered a number of great websites that provide detailed instructions on how to fold a paper airplane that actually flies and most provide a video tutorial too.

Here are a couple of good videos:




Check out these sites for a selection of nice paper airplanes you can easily make in minutes:

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Paper airplane making and flying is not just for kids. Just remember that you were most likely shown by an adult, the first time you made your first paper airplane. It is mentally stimulating and exciting when you can create a paper airplane that flies over a considerable distance. A good paper airplane can fly 25 feet or further and stay up in the air for at least 30 seconds. The right design will allow you to put all your physical strength behind it when launching the paper airplane without damaging the paper airplane. Most paper airplanes that do stay in the air the longest do not require much physical strength to launch. Standing on a park bench or picnic table to launch the paper airplane really helps. Using different colored paper for each person allows a group of people to compete against each other to see who has the longest flight time. Everyone would launch their planes at the same time.

If you are looking for a simple activity to get yourself outside and enjoy the crisp fresh air should check out the websites listed above and try your hand at making some of their designs. It is certainly a stimulating activity that can be enjoyed with others or by yourself. Take the time to be a kid once in awhile. You will be glad that you did.

Items to take with you:

- Lots of 10 or 12 pound paper or light poster board.

- A solid surface like a cutting board or flat cardboard box to fold your paper airplane on outdoors.

- A 12 inch ruler or a yard stick to help make straight folds.

- Scissors for cutting large stock of paper and adding some unqiue touches to the paper airplane.

- Marker to add design to the paper airplane.

- Clear tape.

Have a great flight. . .

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