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6 Free For ALL Weekend

Free For All Weekend: March 15

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Mobile Development War Beginning 

Now that Microsoft has announced a new online mobility store to compete with the Apple iTunes store. The war for the shrinking disposable income will begin. In the end, the battle will not only be between the different operating systems and hardware only. A good percentage of iPhone and iTouch users are not happy with how the iTunes store operate. This frustration also translates over to the software developers that must wait months for their newly completed title to be approved and made available for access on the iTunes store. Developers will soon have a non Apple store where titles can be made available for sale quickly and potentially with a greater return in profit. This is done via a third party installer called Cydia. Cydia will allow you to choose from a number of different download sites and even from sites that will be offerring commercial titles for purchase.

I have been an avid developer on the Windows Mobile platform and there has never been any limitations on how or where a mobile title was available for download. Either a title can be downloaded as a standard PC file and synced over to the mobile device or installed directly on the device via a CAB file. The Windows Mobile developer has always had the ability to sell their titles via their own online store and indirectly via stores like Handango, Clickgamer, PDAMill and many others.

Mobility Products in Canada

I have always admired the Apple mobility products from afar. Being in Canada means that we have typically been 2 – 3 years behind the United States in access to innovative products from around the world. The conservative nature of the big carriers and business in general within Canada means, the “Wait and See” attitude is always front and centre.

With the increasing number of foreign investment and foreign company takeovers in Canada means that more aggressive marketing and leadership is starting to appear in Canada. I truly hope this trend to be market leaders in new technology continues and we start to see more innovative products created around the world become available in Canada quickly. Many techies have always taken advantage of travel to the States to purchase mobile products months and even years before hitting the Canadian marketplace.

I have been waiting for the Eye-fi product to be released directly in Canada and it finally arrived via Black’s Photo around November of 2008 according to Eye-fi. I have not seen it yet locally in any of the Black’s stores but is available online. This at least is a great start to see an exciting product available in Canada less than 12 months after being widely available in the States. More companies can learn from a fast growing company like Eye-fi and penetrate the Canadian market where many tech savvy users exist.

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