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6 Free For ALL Weekend

Free For All Weekend: February 7

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Since it is Saturday now, I wanted to start this post early to ensure I have time for other activities. First, I would like to continue the synthesizer theme and add this video to the site. The song and group is not a synthesizer band but are great in adding the synthesizer sound together with traditional instruments. The group is Miami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan and the song is “Here We Are”.

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As the weekend starts, there will certainly be some interesting activties going on around town. Hopefully I will have some interesting photo’s to share with you later Saturday night.

Auditorium is Finally HERE


Auditorium - Image: Auditorium

This would have been a great entry for Digital Music Fridays but that’s OK since it is only one day late. Auditorium is a stunning game that takes a basic concept and enhances the gameplay with minute graphics detail and high auditory quality. The premise of the game is very simple to grasp. No instuctions is necessary for most. All you do is watch a cascading stream of sound and you must redirect the travel path of the stream by manipulating a circle within this stream. By allowing the stream to redirect and come into contact with the square sound sensor, you will start to hear the beautiful NEW AGE sounds. The square will start to fill up with the sound stream and once completely full, you have completed that one SCENE. There are a number of scenes within each ACT. You can go to Auditorium to play the game for FREE. The complete version which includes a total of 70+ levels in 15 ACTS , is available for purchase for only $10.99. It’s one addicting game that is perfect for when you are wasting time at the airport or bored on the plane.

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