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Electric Pocket Has Released FestiveTones

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Electric Pocket has released FestiveTones — a holiday version of its MailTones app for iPhone — so now you can set certain holiday tones to play when specific people send you emails. The collection of alert tones include sleigh bells, brass bands and carols.

With FestiveTones, iPhone users can set a holiday tone for a specific user, or one for all incoming emails from a specific domain – making it easy to recognize incoming emails from work colleagues, family members, buddies, or customers.

FestiveTones can optionally pop up on the screen and display the sender and subject of an incoming email so you can know instantly whether or not they need to launch the Mail app to read the message.


The link to the iTunes App Store page is http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/festivetones-holiday-email-sounds/id343008779?mt=8. The MailTones website is www.mailtones.com. The app retails for US$1.99.

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