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Quick Look: Dust Off Your Old Cassette Tapes With the Tape Express Plus

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So when was the last time you listened to something on a cassette tape?

With digital music having taken over the marketplace, the old cassette tapes are no longer something worth keeping. Some of you may still have some old cassette tapes with rare songs that are either not available in digital format or hard to find. Now you can preserve these old cassette tapes and transform them into digital format very easily. Ion Audio has created the Tape Express Plus which allows you to quickly transfer your cassette tapes to digital audio format (mp3).

This product looks just like your old portable cassette tape player and has a digital output to a USB connection port. The unit runs on batteries or can be directly powered from the USB port of your PC or MAC.

Just the product you need to keep all your classic cassette tapes alive and at a retail price of $59.99 you cannot go wrong. The player also supports headphones just like a standard cassette tape player for added convenience to go old school.

Check out the Tape Express Plus and other cool digital products at  ionaudio.com.

UPDATE: June 16th, 2011 – Product no longer available.

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