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5 Digital Music Fridays

Digital Music Fridays: March 20

Rating 3.00 out of 5


So what is last.fm?

Well last.fm is another online music site. There are  plenty of them around but last.fm has some atrributes that make it stand out. I have never been a fan of FREE sites that expect you to sign up to access the features even though it maybe a simple and quick process. I have too many accounts with a unique login name and password already therefore I kringe when a site asks me to register.

Anyways, I had to try last.fm just to see what makes them tick for Digital Music Fridays. Here is a short list of what I like about last.fm

- First question that is asked once you login in is to provide a short list of artists you like. This is then saved in your account. When you select an artist to listen to, the overall selections are taylored to the music that the artist generally falls into. I was surprised with the accuracy in the genre and the variety of music available in the chosen category.

- The site is a social networking site therefore users can leave comments about the artist or individual songs. Any current news in regards to the artist are also listed conveniently on the same page.

- Similar artists are listed along side the music player allowing you to view information on other artists.

- Sound quality is above average of online radio stations.

-  I was able to skip 10 songs with no limitations or interruptions like commercials.

- The browser embedded music player shows the album cover which is always nice but not unique.

If you are looking for a radio station without commercials, allows you to listen to your favorite genre of music and easy to use, you should give last.fm a try.

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