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5 Digital Music Fridays

Digital Music Fridays: March 13

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Satellite Radio vs www.theradio.com

I did a post awhile back HERE and the main PROS about THERADIO was that there are no commercials. Unfortunately this has changed in the past few weeks. About every 6 songs or so, a 30 second commercial is inserted on top of the channel identifier. It all started with an Esurance commercial. Not a huge discomfort since www.theradio.com is still free but with the introduction of commercials without prior notice, I have no idea if the service will still be free down the road or if the frequnecy of the commercials will increase over time. I hope the service does stay free for end user use and the level of commercials are kept at its current level.

Current Selection of New Music

I have lost interest in the current crop of new music being released by the record labels. Either the music is just a collection of noise, a singer that has no talent what so ever or music that has been so polished by the producer (like timbaland) that it lacks originality.  Thankfully there are still older bands like U2 and Nickleback that are creating some original work that you can actually understand the words to. Record labels and artists are crying fowl about loss in revenue due to illegal downloading and file sharing sites. Unless record companies get back to the basics and start releasing quality music, listeners will be satisfied with the low grade illegal downloads of new material. Bands like ”The Killers” and “Coldplay” do have some catchy songs but not enough to peak my interest in purchasing a whole CD. Recently, I watched the 2009 Brit Awards and 4/5 of the artists I did not recognize or thought the songs they represented were really any good. At least the British artists have more musical substance over anything coming out of Canada currently. The whole music scene around the world seems to be suffering from the lack of “Been there, done that” type of attitude and pumping out songs based on a formula that has worked the past few years.

I am a fan of 80′s synth-pop music and have enjoyed artists like Duran Duran, Human League, Level 42, Style Council, OMD, Howard Jones, Billie Idol and David Bowie plus many others. I hope this recession also hits hard within the music industry like a cold splash of water on the face. Record producers and music artists need to get back to the basics and create songs that have musicality and lyrics that contain less repetition and more substance. Currently there are too many talking heads that sing songs written and produced by slick producers and other artists. I hope that 2010 will be the start of a new decade that brings a flood of true artists that bring original lyrics, music and musicianship to the table. Let’s celebrate the artists true creativity and not just the end cash value of the licensed product only.

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