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5 Digital Music Fridays

Digital Music Fridays: Alternative to iTunes on Windows

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Being a long time PC user, I had also started to use a Mac for artistic reasons in the last 3 years. The Mac computer excels in areas like photo editing, music editing, and various other multimedia based applications. One aspect of the Apple line that I have never really embraced is the iTunes application. I have always enjoyed other PC based applications like Real Player and even Windows Media Player.

I recently acquired a third generation iPod Touch and the more I try to get comfortable with iTunes, the more I dislike iTunes. I have problems transfering or syncing my music collection easily to the ipod Touch due to DRM issues or others issues which the iTune application does not clearly indicate. Transfering files over to the iPod as a generic file is not possible through iTunes. There is no way to see the iPod Touch as a physical drive letter or folder to transfer files to. Everything must be imported into iTunes for syncing and all the non Apple acceptable files cannot be imported for syncing.

For these reasons, I spent some time scouring the Internet for an alernative. I finally came across a great application called MediaMonkey. This applications allows you to sync files to the iPod Touch and any external multimedia player with very little effort. Any media file can be accessed via the internal drives or an external drive connected to the PC. The files can be accessed without importing into MediaMonkey therefore minimizing the storage requirements and making the access to the temporary files that much easier.

I was able to take over 100 music files from my CD/DVD disks and sync them to my iPod Touch in a matter of minutes. These music files where not syncable via iTunes since the applications complained about the music files for various reasons.


Since this application is designed for Windows, it is very user friendly for those still on Windows. The application is well suitable for people like me that own numerous multimedia players. I have a number of Windows Mobile PDA’s, stand alone media players, and the Apple iPod Touch. Now with MediaMonkey, I can sync files to each and every media player through one common application without a complicated setup.

You can go to MediaMonkey and download their FREE application. MediaMonkey does have a Gold version that has a substantial number of added features for only $19.95 USD. For most users, the FREE version should be sufficient. If you own an Apple iPod Touch and are still using a Windows based PC, this is a good Free syncing application that is worth the download.

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