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4 Digital Imaging Thursdays

Digital Imaging Thursdays: February 19

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Photo Sharing Sites:

There are numerous photo sharing sites online with FLICKR being a very popular one. I use FLICKR but I must confess that I have not updated my picture section in months. You can go HERE to see old pictures I have made public. The origianl reason for posting images on FLICKR was to expose my pictures to as wide an audience as possible. Seemed like a good idea at the time but as the months passed, I realized that getting poeple to actually spend time looking through my pictures was a full time task in itself for me. There are just too many distractions on FLICKR that easily divert my attention away from concentrating on my pictures. It is a great thing for FLICKR but not so great for me as a photographer. Lately, I have noticed that it is getting substantially harder to locate high quality images among the thousands of pictures being uploaded everyday. The number of views of my pictures alone are very low and not worth the time and effort it take to maintain a spot on FLICKR.

Since FLICKR is a site open to anyone with a desire to share their pictures, there are literally millions of pictures available on FLICKR to see. This poses a problem for someone like myself that would like to see quality pictures to learn and enrich my photo taking skills from. Seeing someone elses great image just inspires me to do better next time when I am presented with a similar photo taking situation.

To solve the issue of dealing with millions of pictures where a good percentage are just friendly family type pictures and not true artworks, I have decided to look elewhere for quality images and artful shots. SInce there are numerous websites devoted to photo sharing, this was a hard task to undertake. Eventually I did locate some sites that have the potential of showcasing only great quality photos.

Here is a list of those websites that I was able to locate:

Smugmug - A site where many professional host their images.

Zenfolio - Just a great source for quality images.

Woophy - Images based on geographic location.

Zooomr - Photos with Voice.

These sites all seem to showcase great photos and are a good option for those like me that are looking to share their good photos to the whole world.

Photo Searching Online

I have used Flickr, stockphoto, istockphoto, Gettyimages and many others but I seem to fall back to GOOGLE for searching images most of the time. The fact that it is there in my default search site makes the big difference in the end. Now GOOGLE has a new section called LIFE Photo Archive. This is the simplist way to locate some very interesting historic images. If you are looking for some classic black and white images, just go to http://images.google.com/hosted/life for the Life Magazines archive hosted by Google.

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