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Que proReader vs enTourage eDGe

Full page ebook readers will be a huge market this year. With declining PC and netbook sales, the next surge will be tablet PC’s or more importantly PC/ebook/touch screen devices. No more DVD-ROMs, physical hard drives, expensive operating system upgrades or the $1000.00+ price tag.

FLip UltraHD vs KODAK Zx1 Pocket Video Camera

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?] Small unibody digital cameras are starting to become very popular for those that would like to have a camera handy anytime. The two most recognizable products currentlyavailable are the FLip Nino/Ultra series and the KODAK Zi/Zx series. All are approximately the size of a disposal camera and have simplified controls. For the […]

GoPro HD Hero vs ContourHD – Extreme Sport Digital Camera

Extreme Sports have been very popular in the last 20+ years. It has always been a challenge for these sports enthusiasts to visually document their amazing accomplishments. Digital cameras have allowed many in the past 10 years or so to strap on a handheld camera to their helmet or carry as they performed their daredevil stunts. These cameras are bulky and prone to all sorts of problems. Within the last 2 years, we have seen some interesting advances in portable HD camera designs. The two cameras I will compare are specifically designed for the extreme sports enthusiast to strap on and record their achievements in 1080p HD video.

www.last.fm vs. www.theradio.com

Wassup! Today -LAST.FM vs. THERADIO.

During the last couple of months I have enjoyed www.theradio.com. The ability to just go to the URL and have my favorite station play automatically is really sweet. Recently though, I have noticed advertising popping up as soon as I go to the website and after 6+ songs. Not so cool anymore when the flow of music is interrupted with a 15 second commercial.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera vs Compact Digital Camera

Wassup! Today – Why all the hype about Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR) over Compact Digital Cameras?

The simply answer is that professionals and users with disposable income always want the best and the fastest equipment. It’s all about who can publish the first quality image to capture the ultimate credit and rewards. For the average user, is a DSLR the only option for taking quality pictures? The answer from my perspective is NO.
Here is a list of the differences between a DSLR and a Compact Digital Camera.

SLACKER G2 vs www.theradio.com

Wassup! Today – Recently, I posted a COMPARISON between satellite radio like XM Radio and Sirius Radio to www.theradio.com. I just came across the latest offering from Slacker. Slacker is an online radio offering that provides unlimited song selections and stations via the Internet similar to www.radio.com. There are some key differences between the two and one is being that Slacker produces a stand alone radio player.

Satellite Radio vs www.theradio.com

Wassup! Today – Satellite radio has been around for a good number of years now and has been successful to some degree. Different regulations exist with digital radio as compared to standard analog radio therefore a shock jock like Howard Stern can voice his opinions on XM Radio without the usual analog radio sensorship rules. XM Radio and Sirius Radio are the two titans that are fighting to win over subscribers from traditional analog radio users.

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