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Independent Mobile Game Developers Need Bucks

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Independent game developers have always struggled with financing their ideas to meet the demands of hardware and software purchases plus the ongoing training costs. Also, it is not easy to market a great idea with little or no funds available. Now independent developers have the ability to tap into a […]

MSI: Analog Synths in the Digital World

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]I recently did a QUICK LOOK on the MEEBLIP mono synth unit. This is a sound processing unit that produces the late 70′s to early 80′s analog style┬álike digital sounds. I was intrigued by this unit since it has the ability to save your sound creations where the original analog […]

MSI: Wowee One Gel Speaker System

Rating 4.33 out of 5 [?]Every once in awhile, a new product comes out that has an intriguing Wow factor just from the promotional literature. I came across the Wowee One Gel Speaker System n the August issue of Popular Science Magazine. As with most products in the What’s New section of the magazine, very […]

MSI: DXG Digital Video Cameras

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]On my usual trip through the Internet, I came across a company called DXG USA which I have not heard of before. Their website is very┬ásleek and professional like most large companies that have been around for decades. So why I have I not seen or heard of DXG before? […]

MSI: Musical Keyboard for your iPhone and iPod Touch

I have been a fan of MIDI ever since it became popular in the 80′s. In the 90′s MIDI controller keyboards became available that removed much of the sound processing and programming power from the actual keyboard synthesizer and relied on an external computer system as the source. This was revolutionary for those limited in budget but more importantly allowed musicians to use the keyboard mainly for playing and rely totally on the computer sequencing software to control the MIDI data. Most sequencing software at the time did not recognize specific makes and models of keyboard synths therefore manufacturer specific features were not directly accessible via the various computer music programs when someone used a full featured synthesizer.

I must have a twin working for ION Audio or a designer there must have read my mind. I say this because I have always wanted an external musical keyboard that I could dock into a handheld computer. Not connect via cable like to a laptop but have the keyboard actually merged with the handheld like the Windows Mobile device when they first came out.

MSI: Paper-thin Batteries Made from Algae

A number of researchers worldwide are developing paper thin batteries that will allow for paper thin products to hit the consumer shelves in the coming years. One concept being developed use algae which is available all around the world in large quantities. These batteries will be thin and light enough to be combined with traditional paper, fabric or solid material coatings to create all sorts of interactive displays and surface changing features.

Quote from www.livescience.com

“Scientists worldwide are striving to develop thin, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly batteries made entirely from nonmetal parts. Among the most promising materials for these batteries are conducting polymers.”

Potential 2012 Christmas gifts from the minds eye of Bob Katayama:

MSI: Watching Videos Directly on Your iPod Touch

Downloading videos to my iPod Touch is a real pain just as it has been with most of my music files. Early last year, I used to search the Internet for hacks and applications that would allow me to download videos from Youtube. I finally came across a version of RealPlayer which allows me to download the Youtube video and watch it anytime without streaming/downloading the same file from Youtube each time. Whenever I go to a video on Youtube or some of the other sites, I can mouse over the video and see a download video link appear on the top right of the Adobe Flash based video. Once I click the link, the video is automatically downloaded onto my laptop. This was a great Internet Explorer plugin that came with the FREE RealPlayer download.

MSI: Missil MP4 Player Video Conversion Issues

Over the past few days, I have been looking into the Missil Line of Mp4 players. These seem to be popping up in clearance centres and discount stores at reasonable prices. Scouring the Internet seems to indicate that many users are having problems playing the various video file formats that are indicated as being suppported.

The problem with the Missil line of Mp4 media players are that the devices are old. The formats supported by the hardware are those that where popular over 2 years ago. To clarify, many of the current video files available for download like Avi, WMS, MP4, MPEG, all use an internal codec that are more upto date and are not backward compatible. Unless the software or firmware on the Missil MP4 players can be updated to handle the newer codec, these current files cannot be played or even recognized as a valid video file format.

MSI: Apple iPhone – Software Quick Look

Apple iPhone users should read Eric’s QUICK LOOK’s on iTouch/iPhone software. These overviews on third party software programs are a great source to determine if your hard earned money and time is worth the investment. If any of the titles listed in the Comprehensive Reviews/ 1 QUICK LOOK section are of interest to you, just read Eric’s comments before making the decision to download or purchase.

MSI: The Deal Between Lexcycle and Amazon.com

Wassup! Today -The BLOG @ Lecycle.com has announced that their product STANZA and the company has been bought by Amazon. The company created about 1 year ago released STANZA on the APPLE APP Store for FREE. I was curious to find out why this deal was important to Amazon and what STANZA really offered that was appealing. There are a number of other e-book reading software available for the iPhone also like:

MSI: Plug in Computers

Wassup! Today – Awhile back I had reviewed a product that allows you to use your home wiring to extend your networking capabilities. The product called the Megaplug AV is available for $169.00 USD. This product uses two boxes about the size of a standard electrical outlet plate. The Pogoplug is a similar sized box that allows you to configure any USB based mass storage device for access via the Internet for $99.00 USD. Once you connect the Pogoplug to an electrical outlet and connect your Internet router and an external mass stoarge device, you can go online and configure the device for access via the Internet. This means files stored on the mass storage device can be accessed while on the road or made available on a website via my.pogoplug.com website. You can send a simple link to files and images to friends and family easily using this device. No more third party websites, like www.flickr.com, smugmug.com and others required to host your public images or sensitive files.

MSI: Siso Tablo For Laptops

Wassup! Today -A few years back, I had invested in a new laptop from Dell. The Dell Inspiron 6000 series which cost around $1200.00 at the time. The price was very reasonable for all the bells and whistles it came with. Around the same time, many companies also manufactured tablet PCs which where laptops with a built in stylus. Generally costing around $2000.00+. The advantage of a stylus can be truly experienced when using a graphic related application like Adobe Photoshop. The pinpoint accuracy of the stylus makes free hand drawing directly on the screen that much more enjoyable in the end compared to using a mouse.

MSI: Plastic Logic Announces More Details on the Ereader

Wassup! Today – This is by far the best looking and most functional ereader that has been developed to date. This is not a glorified handheld PDA redesigned to be an e-reader like the SONY PRS-505. The Plastic Logic e-reader is revolutionary in design. First the device uses a plastic display developed by Plastic Logic and provides a screen display of 8 1/2 X 11 and less than 16 ounces in weight.

MSI: Amazon Kindle 2 Reading Device Announced

Wassup! Today – Amazon has just announced the release of the new Kindle 2 reading device. This is the second generation of the reading device which now has a larger screen, improved display, and longer battery life.

MSI: Amazon Kindle Due to Get Some Major Competition

Wassup! Today – Next week Plastic Logic is geered to unveil their new e-book reader @ the TOC Conference. The innovative e-book reader is about 8 1/2 X 11 in size and as thin as a note pad. Has built in wireless and completely accessed via the touch screen. The Plastic Logic Reader uses a revolutionary technology which incorporates transistors on a plastic layer using no silicon. The screen is flexible and more durable over traditional LCD screens. You can watch a demo of the product below.

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