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A Small Comment on Steve Jobs and Apple

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]It is early 1984 and I am sitting in front of my television watching Superbowl XVIII. A commercial comes on during half time and captures my attention. The commercial looks like a preview to a new Sci-Fi movie coming out but it is not until the very end that I realize that it’s a […]

Universal Remote Controller on the Cheap

Rating 4.20 out of 5 [?]Sony, JVC, Akai, Onkyo, Marantz, McIntosh, Harman/Kardon, Denon, NAD, Nakamichi and Bang & Olufsen to name a few are manufacturers of hi-end quality home entertainment electronics. Most are not your typical brands seen in most homes due to the higher cost. With that being said, there are still a large number of users of these brands world […]

It’s Fall Time Again

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]As fall begins, so does the marketing campaign for products to be introduced during the Christmas season. During the coming months, we will be showcasing many of the latest gadgets available this year. Many are just improvements on existing technology but some do certainly add innovation and new features to an already […]

Nintendo 3DS

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] I have always been impressed with Nintendo ever since they came out with the Nintendo NES in North America in 1985. For me, Nintendo is not just about video games. My family plays a game called hanafuda which is a very old Japanese card game based on flowers of the seasons that Nintendo […]

Free For All Weekend: Why I Purchased an iPod Touch

Many of you have known me as a long time Windows Mobile PDA user. During the period of 2004 – 2008, I was also a Microsoft Valuable Professional in the mobility category for my contributions to the Windows Mobile online community. Since 2008, I have noticed a wave of iPhone and iPod Touch users. As with the older iPod devices, these users mainly listened to their vast collection of music and watched the odd TV show or movie. In early 2008, Windows Mobile developers started to contact me for reviews on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Since I did not own an Apple product, I was not in any position to accept their offer.

As months past, I started to notice a decline in the release of new Windows Mobile games and applications. Looking into this immediately indicated that many Windows Mobile developers had started to expand into the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch arena. I would not have thought twice about this market switch if it was not for the fact that these games and applications were being made available on the iTunes store for 99 cents. Typically a similar game or application on the Windows Mobile would be anywhere from $9.95 – $19.95 with some being much higher. Initially, I took this as a introductory trend and within 4 – 6 months I felt I would start to see a large number of iPhone and iPod Touch applications appear in the $10.00 price range or higher.

Free For All Weekend – November 22nd

We are now in the tail end of November and we have experienced one of the best November weather in a good number of years. This has allowed me to devote more time outdoors instead of being under the covers staying warm. To maximize the enjoyment of this great weather, I have been taking part in various activities. Most activities are those that allowed me to get some exercise and enjoy the simple things in life.

Free For All Weekend: April 25

Wassup! Today – Protecting Your Kids
More and more parents are now getting cell phones for their teen and pre-teens in an effort to protect them and make them safer. For the most part, I do not blame the parents for this rise in cell phone usage by kids. The manner in which the industry is promoting the services is the main culprit. Companies are making cell phones in sizes and colors that appeal to young kids This article on MSNBC covers some of these phones for kids. Another promotional avenue is for cell phone carriers is to provide a family plan and also have special deals on phones like BUY ONE and GET ONE FREE. The ability to interact with TV shows and radio programs geared towards kids via SMS messaging is another way companies can get more kids to use cell phones and generates added revenue.

The Future of Mobile Interactive Devices

Wassup! Today – A presentation of a device being developed has been posted on TED. This device has been created using off the shelf products for $350.00 USD and has a huge potential in making our lives so much easier and more intuitive. To really appreciate what this device can do, you have to go HERE to see the short video.

Free For All Weekend: March 15

Wassup! Today – Mobile Development War Beginning

Now that Microsoft has announced a new online mobility store to compete with the Apple iTunes store. The war for the shrinking disposable income will begin. In the end, the battle will not only be between the different operating systems and hardware only. A good percentage of iPhone and iTouch users are not happy with how the iTunes store operate. This frustration also translates over to the software developers that must wait months for their newly completed title to be approved and made available for access on the iTunes store. Developers will soon have a non Apple store where titles can be made available for sale quickly and potentially with a greater return in profit. This is done via a third party installer called Cydia. Cydia will allow you to choose from a number of different download sites and even from sites that will be offerring commercial titles for purchase.

Money’s Too Tight to Mention – FFAW

Wassup! Today – The current slump in the economy and market down turns are forcing many large companies to cut back and force many people out of work. This may seem like a real depressing time for those that have lost their jobs but it should not be all that bad. I feel many of these people are truly blessed for being laid off over their coworkers that still have their jobs.

I say this because, this is the perfect time to take your career to the next level and by being forced to look for other employment is the perfect opportunity. Those co workers that still have their jobs will be too busy worrying if they will be next or not. If you decide to take it easy and collect Unemployment Insurance then you are certain to get depressed and be in a more serious situation than you are now. The trick is to take advantage of this time and focus your FREE time on creating new avenues.

Free For All Weekend: February 7

Wassup! Today – Since it is Saturday now, I wanted to start this post early to ensure I have time for other activities. First, I would like to continue the synthesizer theme and add this video to the site. The song and group is not a synthesizer band but are great in adding the synthesizer sound together with traditional instruments. The group is Miami Sound Machine with Gloria Estefan and the song is Here We Are.

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