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Quick Look: MEEBLIP Mono Digital Synth Module

Rating 4.33 out of 5 [?] All I can is WOW! A digital synth module that provides the ability to create 80′s analog synth style mono sounds quickly and play them via a MIDI keyboard. This is something that is certainly lacking from many synths on the marketplace the past decade or so. I grew […]

Navigating the Headphone Maze

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Now that the majority of the general public use headphones with their digital music player, portable DVD player, home stereo,┬ádesktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, cell phone, and other electronic devices, how do you choose one that is right for you? The best way is to try them with your actual […]

Digital Music Fridays: Alternative to iTunes on Windows

Being a long time PC user, I had also started to use a Mac for artistic reasons in the last 3 years. The Mac computer excels in areas like photo editing, music editing, and various other multimedia based applications. One aspect of the Apple line that I have never really embraced is the iTunes application. I have always enjoyed other PC based applications like Real Player and even Windows Media Player.

I recently acquired a third generation iPod Touch and the more I try to get comfortable with iTunes, the more I dislike iTunes. I have problems transfering or syncing my music collection easily to the ipod Touch due to DRM issues or others issues which the iTune application does not clearly indicate. Transfering files over to the iPod as a generic file is not possible through iTunes. There is no way to see the iPod Touch as a physical drive letter or folder to transfer files to. Everything must be imported into iTunes for syncing and all the non Apple acceptable files cannot be imported for syncing.

Digital Music Fridays: April 24

Wassup! Today -Kurzweil Keyboard

I have been a huge fan of Kurzweil keyboards ever since there first release in 1983 of the K250. Kurzweil recently released the PC361 Controller. This keyboard has 61-note lightly-weighted synth action with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys with 128 voice polyphony and over 850 preset sounds. This keyboard is like having a synthesizer, controller keyboard and sequencer in one unit. The PC361 is a MIDI sythesizer which uses the newer MIDI through USB connection which allows for the fastest data rate possible for the MIDI signal. You can find the full specifications HERE. Plenty of onboard controls that can be accessed from the computer connected via the USB.

Digital Music Fridays: April 3

Wassup! Today -Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Music Player

Everywhere I go nowadays on the subway, I see people with an Apple music player of some kind. Various iPods, iPhone and the iTouch are certainly popular. I on the other hand use a traditional MP3 player or a Windows Mobile device for listening to music. For me, it has always been a Microsoft Windows CE based PDA for listening to music. There are a number of reasons why I stay with a Windows Mobile device but the main one is that most of my music is in a Mp3 format.

Digital Music Fridays: March 27

Wassup! Today – Headphones Reviews
This is a website dedicated to reviewing headphones only and is located at www.goodcans.com.

Digital Music Fridays: March 20

Wassup! Today – LAST.FM

So what is last.fm?

Well last.fm is another online music site. There are plenty of them around but last.fm has some atrributes that make it stand out. I have never been a fan of FREE sites that expect you to sign up to access the features even though it maybe a simple and quick process. I have too many accounts with a unique login name and password already therefore I kringe when a site asks me to register.

Anyways, I had to try last.fm just to see what makes them tick for Digital Music Fridays. Here is a short list of what I like about last.fm.

Digital Music Fridays: March 13

Wassup! Today – Satellite Radio vs www.theradio.com
I did a post awhile back HERE and the main PROS about THERADIO was that there are no commercials. Unfortunately this has changed in the past few weeks. About every 6 songs or so, a 30 second commercial is inserted on top of the channel identifier. It all started with an Esurance commercial. Not a huge discomfort since www.theradio.com is still free but with the introduction of commercials without prior notice, I have no idea if the service will still be free down the road or if the frequnecy of the commercials will increase over time. I hope the service does stay free for end user use and the level of commercials are kept at its current level.

Digital Music Fridays: February 13

Wassup! Today – MIDI Music (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

It has been over 25 years since the MIDI standard was established giving birth to all sorts of synthesizer New Wave music in the 80′s . It is amazing that the General MIDI Standard is still supported today with a number of newer extended formats available. I am disappointed in some ways that MIDI has not really become a household name defining music composition, electronic music programming and as a general form of study for music enthusiasts. My impression is that MIDI is still considered as some kind of BLACK BOX used by hardcore dance music creators or known as a file format used for ring tone use only.

Digital Music Fridays: First Ever Post For Digital Music Fridays

Wassup! Today – Digital Music Fridays will be a weekly digest on digital music information covering topics like MP3 players, MIDI music, online radio, music formats, digital audio and other digital music related categories.

I love YouTube and so do millions of other people. Seems kind of strange that we have all settled for sub par quality when watching all these music videos on YouTube. It is only recently that YouTube has upgraded the service to support a wide screen and higher resolution Flash video format. I can understand that YouTube was originally limited by the Flash technology in how high a video quality that could be efficiently supported. At least we are able to watch many of the classic videos and many commercially copyright protected videos. I would like shar with you a classic video and song from Louis Armstrong – The great SACHMO – What a Wonderful World.

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