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GPS Wednesdays – Unique GPS Uses

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]Whenever we think of GPS, we automatically associate this with an in car mappng and routing system. A GPS is much more than that and most consumers in North America are not fully aware of its true capabilities yet. A GPS is much more than just finding your way around or […]

Geocaching Worldwide

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]It has been over 6 months since I did my last posting for GPS Wednesday. The reason being is there has not been anything really new or exciting to come along in this category that has caught my attention. I have decided to revisit the topic of geocaching which is still […]

GPS Wednesdays: November 25th

Tips on Buying a Useful Car Navigation GPS
Knowing exactly what you need in a GPS device is very important before making the leap to buying one. There are car navigation versions, mobile versions, marine plus GPS add-ons for PDA and computers. All can be used or adapted for use in the car but none are suited specifically for use in the car like a true car navigation GPS.

TIPS When Buying:

GPS Wednesdays: April 08

Wassup! Today – Real World Interactions Using Yellowpin
The next generation of social lifestyle tool is now available. The product is called Yellowpin and originally appeared on Facebook as an add-on application. It’s a very simple application to use and take advantage of. Anyone with a SMS capable phone can easily send a text message and have their activity and location made available to all their buddies in the social network.

GPS Wednesdays: March 25

Wassup! Today – GPS Tracking Online
If you have ever watched any of the Police dramas on TV, you would certainly seen them use a system online that allows the police to enter a phone number and have the users location detected on a map. Now, you can do this yourself by going to the Mobile Tracker and entering the persons phone number. Actually this is not a real system but a joke system setup by the folks at www.megapranks.com. You can enter a phone number to track or not enter a number at all and click the Start Searching button. You will eventually see a map and then watch the satellite camera zoom right into the actual location of the user. Of course this is just but an intertaining one for a short period. You will certainly see what I mean once you go to the link above and try this out yourself.

GPS Wednesdays: March 18

Wassup! Today – Garmin Nuvi Series of Stand alone GPS Units
Garmin has an very interesting line of GPS units geared mainly for North American usage that will be released in the second quarter of 2009. There are a number of units all with the same external design with specific internal differences. There are currently 8 new models to choose from:

GPS Wednesdays: February 18

Wassup! Today – Virtualpunk is a unique game that takes MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to a whole new level. Virtualpunk is GPS based therefore is best played outdoors. Just like other RPG’s you must collect treasure, armor, weapons and fight your way through each level. The graphics are great for a mobile game and certainly well thought out. If you have ever played a RPG game and enjoy them, you have to try Virtualpunk. For those that have never played a RPG but would like try something very unique while enjoying the outdoors have to give Virtualpunk a try. One word of warning, on lookers may think you are a little odd walking around in circles.

GPS Wednesdays: February 11

Wassup! Today – GPS 101
Many people understand generally what it means when someone says GPS but most people do not know how or what a GPS can be useful for. Typically a GPS is used to determine where you are which is not really a benefit in populated areas since we have street signs and other landmarks to guide us. Inexpensive maps can also show us exactly where we are thus a device costing $100.00 or more is not something the average person is willing to invest in. Keep in mind that street signs and maps are only as good as the person using these tools since the information only provides a point of reference only. The user must use the information effectively to reach the final destination. This method is easily prone to human error.

GPS Wednesdays: First Ever Post For GPS Wednesdays

Wassup! Today – Every Wednesday, I will be posting a digest of GPS related topics that will keep you informed about the current GPS marketplace and activities. Most of you may think of a GPS as a lazy mans way of finding your way around town but a GPS can be more than that. I will try to enlighten you about how a GPS can improve your daily life and make the technology as simple to access as possible. GPS technology is one of those very expensive military projects that was turned into a free consumer service that we can all take advantage of. Read GPS Wednesdays to stay up to date on this exciting technology.
Types of GPS Units

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