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PDA Tuesdays – Where are the Personal Digital Assistants Nowadays?

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]More and more companies are producing Smartphones and moving away from the PDA market. What used to be a very popular category for organizing personal and business data is now quickly becomingĀ a thing of the past. The Apple iPod Touch is probably the only successful none phone based handheld productivity […]

PDA Tuesdays: April 14

Wassup! Today! Get an Accessroy for Your Mobile Device Tomorrow and Recieve a 25% Discount
PPCTECH is offerring a 25% discount on all accessory orders processed tomorrow April 15th. If you have a PDA, cell phone or iPod, you can go to www.ppctech.com to place your order. Use the code TAXDISC09 during check out in the special instructions/comments field to recieve your discount.

Google Releases Update to Android Software

PDA Tuesdays: March 23

Wassup! Today – The Battle of the Handheld Marketplace:
In the late 1990′s, Palm Inc., released the Palm Pilot which started the PDA recolution. Basically the Personal Digital Assistant was born which allowed you to do more than just track phone numbers and play simple games. Hundreds of productivity applications turned into thousands of applications that ranged from being FREE to costing over $20.00 USD. Certainly, the Palm Pilot was not the first handheld device o the market but was the first to truly introduce the masses to a handheld productivity device.

PDA Tuesdays: March 17

Wassup! Today – Powerful and Rugged Windows Mobile
It not often I see a Windows Mobile device with loads of features built right in. The latest offering from Nautiz is certainly one that has everything I would expect in a fully featured Windows Mobile device.

PDA Tuesdays: February 17

Another Microsoft Mobile Category Coming Soon
Yesterday Jack @ Experience Mobility blogged about the latest Microsoft announcements. One announcement was about the new mobile device category called Windows Phone. Not sure if this is just an added category or if this will replace all existing categories. We went from a Pocket PC Phone edition device which had a full touch screen to a Smartphone which has no touch screen. Now with the Windows Phone, it seems like we are back to the full touch screen again. When will this flip flopping end? It must be a nightmare for current Windows Mobile device developers to support all the categories. Seems very costly now to support the older Windows Mobile Classic, Windows Mobile Professional and the newer Windows Phones. All have different versions of the Windows CE operating system and uses different screen sizes. Until the actual Windows CE v6.5 versions of Windows Phone come out, it will be hard to tell if these will be a really hot device or a total flop for Microsoft. From my former days as a Microsft Mobile MVP, I was under the impression that the touch screens would disappear and the Smartphones with no touch screen would be the wave of the future for Microsoft. Looks like Apple wins the battle again and sets the standard with the multi-touch touch screens.

PDA Tuesdays: February 10

Wassup! Today – What is a PDA Anyways?

We keep hearing about PDA this and PDA that. What are these devices and how do we know when a topic is related to a PDA device that you own? This is not as difficult as you might think. PDA stands for “Personal Digital Assistant”. As the name implies, any electronic device that assists you can fall into this category:

PDA Tuesdays: First Ever Post For PDA Tuesdays

Wassup! Today – Every Tuesday, I will be posting a digest of PDA related topics that will keep you informed about the current PDA market. I am working hard to make PDA Tuesdays a source of interesting information on new and current products. The PDA market has the potential of becoming even stronger than it is now with some innovative products and software. Stay informed by reading PDA Tuesdays each week.

A Sweet New product From Toshiba.
Toshiba has announced the upcoming release of its newest PDA product TG01. This is a sweet unit that should add some spark to the Windows Mobile category.


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