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Digital Movie Editing

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]About 10 years ago, a 5 minute video with various modifications applied would have taken hours and in some cases days to process before you could save the completed video to the hard drive. Due to the requirement of fast processors, large amounts of memory, very large storage space and […]

Quick Look: Coolpix S1000pi From Nikon

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?] Nikon pronounced – Ni·kon  /[nee-kawn]: has released a digital still camera with the first ever built in projector. This is really a COOL feature to have on a digital camera. It’s one of those nice to have and not a need to have feature but when time is of essence and […]

Digital Camera Mondays: February 22

Today is one of those really gloomy days here in Toronto with snow flurries. Not ideal for picture taking since the lighting conditions and visibility are poor. This does not mean you cannot take some interesting shots though. To give you an idea, I took a couple shots from the top of my building. The first is of a chair covered in show and the other is a more distant view of the area. You can notice in both images a few white blotches which are actually larger clumps of show that appears out of focus.

Digital Camera Mondays: November 16th

Many amateur photographers feel that they lack the quality in their photos since their equipment they use is not as great as those used by professional photographers. Professionals do have an advantage over amateurs purely by the fact that their equipment are more expensive and higher in imaging quality. This does not automatically mean someone with an expensive camera will always take better photos. Many professionals lack one element when on a photo shoot. This element is time therefore many professionals use the more expensive cameras to allow them to quickly adjust and set the camera for the ever changing lighting conditions or use equipment that is specifically suited for the condition they are shooting in. Lower priced consumer cameras take much longer to adjust for each shooting condition meaning the opportunity to take that one money making shot could be lost.

Today, I wanted to discuss how you can utilize your existing camera equipment to improve your photos since time is not an issue. First and foremost is you need to understand the ins and outs of your current camera. All digital cameras have a number of buttons that allow for customization. Be it from adjusting the ISO setting, white balance, how the camera focuses, if the flash is on or off etc. . .

Digital Camera Mondays: September 14th

Today I wanted to discuss two aspects of photography that will really help you to improve your photos quickly and add some real visual impact. The two topics are the RULE OF THIRDS and the APERTURE setting on the camera. Both are relatively simple to grasp especially if your camera has the necessary features built in.

Digital Camera Mondays: April 27

Wassup! Today -Checking Your Rechargeable Batteries

Now that we are finally getting into warmer weather, more and more of us will be out and about enjoying the great outdoors. This means dusting off that digital camera and accessories to capture the spring bloom or active wild life. One practice I always do this time of year is make sure the batteries are up to snuff. Currently rechargeable batteries are of the Lithium based design. These are batteries that recharge relatively quickly and hold a strong charge like 1800 – 2600 mAh (milliampere hour) for the commonly used AA rechargeable batteries. Keep in mind I frequently mention rechargeable Lithium batteries and not just Lithium batteries because there are standard Lithium AA batteries you can buy for around the same price as rechargeables which are not rechargeable. These are use once and throw away batteries which contain more power over standard alkaline batteries and should never be recharged.

Digital Camera Mondays: April 6

Wassup! Today -30 Megapixel DSLR Camera From Pentax

I just came across a Japanese article released by Pentax that a 30 megapixel camera will be released in the near future. I was wondering when I read this how many megapixels do we actually need in the end? I thought maybe a fair comparison would be the human eye and I did some looking around. According to wiki.answers.com, The human eye has a resolution of anywhere from 324 megapixels to 576 megapixels depending on the actual field of view angle that is used. Now if these numbesr are accurate, certainly we still have a long ways to go to matching the quality our eyes can reproduce.

Digital Camera Mondays: March 23

Wassup! Today – Sharing Your Pictures
It is always more exciting when you can share your fond memories with others by sending your pictures to friends and family. www.flickr.com is a popular site though there are dozens of many others out there too. Keep in mind most FREE sites like Flickr limit you to the number of photos you can have or the total storage you have available. This means you must delete old pictures as you start to run low on storage space. This can be lots of work and in many cases too much work to maintain once you get into 100′s of pictures.

Digital Camera Mondays: March 16

Wassup! Today – Don’t be Fooled by Just High Megapixels

Ever since early 2008, I have been seeing all sorts of higher megapixel cameras come out in the markeplace. Point and shoot cameras with 8 – 10 megapixels with some even in the 12 megapixel range. Not all cameras are created equal and the actual image sensing chip used can make a huge difference in the actual image output. When you are in the market for a new camera, always try them out carefully before deciding on your final choice.

Digital Camera Mondays: February 16

Wassup! Today – Dell Wasabi PZ310
The Dell Wasabi is a unique photo printer which uses the ZINK photo paper technology. The printer uses special paper that has the ink crystals built directly into the paper. The printer only prints photos in one size but the cost of each print is reasonable considering you have no added ink costs. Printer costs $99.00 USD currently with an instant $50 savings. 24 sheets of paper cost $12 or 48 for $20.00 USD.

Digital Camera Mondays: February 9

Saturday night, I had the opportunity to catch a special outdoor performance by an extraordinary troop that came all the way from the Netherlands. The group called the Pi-Leau managed a spectacular show running 1 hour long based on an underwater theme. Divers and mermaids would move across the court yard and interact to music. You can see a small glimp by watching this video below.

Digital Camera Mondays: First Ever Post For Digital Camera Mondays

Every Monday, we will post a digest of camera related topics that should peek your interest if you are into digital cameras or not. I hope you will enjoy our weekday edition of Camera Mondays which will focus on camera specific information.

Sanyo releases a new line of digital video cameras that should please a wide range of video enthusiasts. One category that I would like to focus on is the new Xacti full HD camera.


- 1920 X 1080 Full HD Video Capture.

- 60 Frames Per Second Video Capture (60 fps).

- 240/400 fps image capture for quality slow motion. (1/4 and 1/10 of normal speed).

- 8 megapixel still image capture even while filming video.

- Built in 8 GB memory with support up to 32 GB using SDHC memory cards.

MSRP: Not available at this time.

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