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Quick Look: Skee-Ball for iPhone

Can an electronic skee-ball game really be fun? There’s no stray hands grabbing your tickets by accident, no fear of random flying balls hitting you in the head, no attendant climbing up the machine because a ball (or some other foreign object) got stuck somewhere it shouldn’t have. Turns out that despite the absence of all that, this particular skee-ball implementation is a blast! You should just go get this now, but if you really need a review…

Quick Look: Starball for iPhone

Apparently Quantum Squid Interactive didn’t get the memo that Tilt To Live was going to be THE “avoid all the enemies” game on the App Store, because they came up with their own entry in the genre. I had the opportunity to take a pre-release build of the game for a spin, and while it was fun, I felt the subtitle “Simply Addicting” might have been a bit of overkill. It seems they decided to up the ante a bit. With multiple difficulties, 3 different themes and OpenFeint integration, Starball has a chance of grabbing the throne away from the one that would be king.

Quick Look: Ten Pin Championship Bowling for iPhone

Ten Pin Championship Bowling is a solid if pretty much uninspired implementation of bowling for the iPhone. The game looks decent, and the controls are pretty easy to navigate. Lack of a computer opponent and the annoying need to go back to the main menu between each game you play gets a bit frustrating after a while.

Preview: Tilt To Live for iPhone

If the previews keep coming in this strong I think 2010 is going to be an even better year for iPhone gaming than 2009. Tilt To Live clearly demonstrates that there’s still innovation to be had even in something as simple as a “dodge everything on the screen” style game. The special effects are cool, the music rocks, and the game is just plain fun. This is definitely one to keep your eye on.

Quick Look: Gold Miner Joe for iPhone

For the first time since I’ve started reviewing Donut Games games, I find myself unable to say “they did it again”. Gold Miner Joe is not by any means a terrible game, it just doesn’t seem to me to have the certain “something” most Donut Games offerings posses. I grew to like the game a bit more as I continued to play it, but overall it never really gripped me.

Quick Look: Retro Fighter for iPhone

Scrolling shooters are one of my favorite things, so I’m usually willing to give one a try. Retro Fighter was no exception, and it actually proved to be a pretty fun experience. The visuals are interesting in their simple way, and the levels have a nice bit of variety to them. Controlling the ship in the 360 degree levels is a bit cumbersome, but all told Retro Fighter makes it pretty easy to blast alien scum.

Preview: Pro Zombie Soccer for iPhone

So how do you defeat wave after wave of menacing killer zombies? Why, with your trusty soccer ball of course. Or so it goes with Pro Zombie Soccer, anyway. This tongue-in-cheek look at zombie slaying games is colorful, the music sounds great, and best of all it’s loads of fun.

Quick Look: Digit Defenders for iPhone

Sitcoms always teach you that there’s never a good use for math. However, apparently it can help against an imminent invasion, as witnessed in the game Digit Defenders. This game has a nice mix of math problems from a variety of different levels of learning, but it’s really geared more towards reinforcing concepts than actually learning them. Still, what a way to reinforce mathematical concepts!

Quick Look: Imp Or Oaf? for iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between an imp and an oaf? Well, thanks to Gilded Skull Games you can take a crash course in just such a subject with an app for your iPhone appropriately titled “Imp Or Oaf?” Kids will probably love it. Adults just looking for a casual game to play might want to look elsewhere.

Quick Look: Gas Tycoon for iPhone

There have been a number of implementations of the “pipes” style of game on handhelds over the years, and they mostly tend to play the same as one another. Like a lot of these sub-genres, then, it really becomes a matter of which one you like best. For me, Gas Tycoon is one of the better implementations I’ve played in the past couple of years. It’s nothing fancy, but there are a lot of challenging levels, there’s no timer so you can think about what you’re doing, and you actually get rewarded for beating a level in the fewest number of moves possible.

Quick Look: Arctic Shuffle 2 for iPhone

Sometimes there’s a bit of truth to the old adage: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It. Such is the case with Arctic Shuffle 2 for the iPhone. There are a couple of tweaks that were made to enhance the game play, but overall it’s basically the same as its predecessor, just with different level designs. That’s quite all right, because it’s still great fun to play.

Quick Look: Rail Adventures for iPhone

Evil has taken over the mountain, and you must escape before it ensnares you as well. In Rail Adventures you must ride a mine cart through five areas of the mountain, trying to make your way to the bottom and freedom. Fight everything from giant bats to spooky ghosts, and be sure to jump over the junk lying on the tracks…

Quick Look: Spider Hornet Smash for iPhone

The spider’s back, and this time it’s hornet hunting season. Spider: Hornet Smash is somewhat of a lite version of Secrets Of Bryce Manor in that it gives you a feel for the controls of the game, but it’s really a new game mode that doesn’t exist in the full game. It’s more action oriented than Bryce Manor, but just as fun. If you’ve not played Bryce Manor, you really need to check this out. If you have played Bryce Manor, you should still check this out. It’s free, so it’s a win-win situation.

Quick Look: The Mystical Woods Of Darkness for iPhone

The developer of The Mystical Woods Of Darkness likens the game to the classic Castle Of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse. I will admit that I can understand the inspiration, but the unfortunate reality is that Mystical Woods is a far cry from the quality of the compared title. However, I think there’s a lot of promise for the game, so hopefully some sales will encourage the developer to put additional time into creating a more polished product.

Quick Look: Rat On A Scooter XL for iPhone

“Look ma, a rat on a scooter!” “Don’t be silly, son, rats can’t drive scooters.” Apparently she’s never peered into the warped minds of the folks over at Donut Games, because they would probably disagree with her. And so we have Rat On A Scooter XL, a game that’s actually a full fledged spin-off of a mini-game from another Donut Games title. Turns out it’s just as addictive on its own, and this time there are more modes of play to keep you entertained.

Quick Look: Elf Command for iPhone

Let’s see: so far on the iPhone we’ve had Santa killing rogue elves, demonic children and zombies (?). How about something a little more lighthearted? Welcome to Elf Command, the game that sees Santa’s Workshop automated with robotic elves that must move presents from conveyor belts to collection platforms before time runs out. It starts out easy enough, but eventually builds to a frantic pace that will give most gamers a run for their money. It’s cute, it’s Christmas-y, and it’s free, so what do you have to lose?

Quick Look: Action Hero for iPhone

The folks over at Donut Games know a thing or two about making a slick presentation. Fortunately, they can usually back it up with some addictive game play as well. Action Hero is no exception to the rule. Sure it’s “just” a run and dodge style game, but it’s a run and dodge game done with style.

Quick Look: Trigger Happy Christmas for iPhone

I know Santa’s supposed to be the jolly old sole in the big red suit that loves everyone, but sometimes he just has to take matters into his own hands. Especially when the elves develop sharp pointy teeth and nasty dispositions and threaten the very fabric of Christmas. Welcome to Trigger Happy Christmas, the game that wonders “what happens when Santa decides there’s no more mister nice guy?”

Quick Look: Crush Bunny for iPhone

What do you get when you cross disaster movies with rabbits? Why you get Crush Bunny, of course. Your job is to protect innocent, unaware bunnies from the perils of falling asteroids and rogue bombardier rabbits. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. And as it turns out, it’s actually pretty fun.

Quick Look: Crazy Turkey Blast for iPhone

Thanksgiving may be over, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had hunting turkeys on your iPhone. That is, of course, if you have Crazy Turkey Blast from EZone.com. The shooting may be standard fowl fare, but the prize system and immense number of combination of themes will keep you coming back for more.

Quick Look: Teh Internets for iPhone

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to pilot your own ROFLcopter, now is your chance to find it. Thanks to Insurgent Games and Teh Internets, you can navigate the inner reaches of the internet, dodging popup windows and defeating trolls as you try to rescue LOLcats. And don’t worry, you’re not alone if you don’t know what any of this means. Just read the review…

Quick Look: Santa’s Run for iPhone

It’s time to deliver the packages! Yes, this is yet another game focused on the theme of helping Santa get the presents out to all the little boys and girls. However, this one has a rather interesting control scheme. It’s fun to look at and listen to, and overall enjoyable to play.

Quick Look: Finger Sling for iPhone

It almost sounds like a contest for flicking boogers, but Finger Sling is not that kind of app, thankfully. It’s actually a nice little action / strategy game that takes the “king of the hill” recess game concept and applies it to balls. The game is simple, quick and fun, and it looks pretty sharp too.

Quick Look: Transylvania for iPhone

Sometimes it’s fun taking a trip down memory lane, especially when it comes to playing the computer games we used to play when we were kids. Unfortunately I don’t remember too much about the game computer game Transylvania when I was young, but after playing it on the iPhone I can see why I liked it back then. Now another generation of players can see what adventure games used to be like as well.

Quick Look: Attack Of The Dust Bunnies for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Have you ever wondered what happens to dust bunnies when left unchecked? Apparently they don ninja outfits or start riding roaches, and either way they like to do combat with rejected army equipment. At least, that’s what Blue Omega Mobile would have you believe in their “point and shoot” game […]

Quick Look: Giga Force for Pocket PC

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Yep, you read that right.  Long before I was hopelessly addicted to my iPod Touch I wrote reviews for games on some of those OTHER mobile platforms.  I was approached a couple months ago and asked if I would take a look at this new Pocket PC shooter called Giga […]

Quick Look: Gold Keeper for iPhone

Ever wanted to walk in the hooves of a demon and defend hordes of gold against human thieves? Of course you have… well, maybe not. Now you can, though, thanks to Gold Keeper for your iPhone from Digital Worlds. Turns out its actually a bit of fun.

Preview: Finger Sling for iPhone

Finger Sling sounds like something a child does when they have a rogue booger, but in fact it’s actually a simple yet engaging action game coming soon to your iPhone. How long can you protect the white ball from all the attacking brown balls? That depends on how accurate your slinging is. Read the full preview to figure out what this crazy reviewer’s talking about…

Quick Look: Hockey Allstar Shootout for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I’m all for mini-games.  For example, Skyworks has several that pretty fun, including some in the sports category.  Unfortunately, there’s a point at which mini becomes too mini.  I suppose for each person that line is different, so it does end up being somewhat of a judgment call.  For me, […]

Quick Look: Crazy Chicken Deluxe for iPhone

Chicken hunting has never been quite as fun as when you’re hunting the crazy chicken. This light and colorful game is sure to keep you amused as you try and pluck chickens from the sky (or wherever else they might be hanging out). The graphics are wonderful, the game is easy to pick up and play, and at a minute and a half a session, you’re guaranteed not to get bored.

Quick Update: Frootrees Halloween Edition for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]You can read my review of the original Frootrees here.  Suffice it to say you probably should if you want to know about this game, and you probably want to know about this game because it’s a lot of fun.  Anyway, just in time for Halloween Tin Man Games released […]

Quick Look: TriColor for iPhone

You got your match 3 in my Tetris! Those of you old enough know where this argument is going, and for the rest, let’s just say that at a minimum you could describe the game TriColor as a cross between Tetris and match 3. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any features to set it above either of those types of games, and in fact is a bit lacking in comparison. I guess if you’re a no frills player TriColor might do, but for anyone else you might consider the many alternatives present in the App Store.

Quick Look: Cows In Space for iPhone

Have you ever thought about helping with the rampant problem of collecting cows in space? Me neither – I didn’t even realize we were having such a problem. Apparently we are, though, and thanks to Donut Games you can aid in free-floating cow retrieval by trying your hand at Cows In Space. Ready for another addictive Donut Games game?

Quick Look: Frootrees for iPhone

Did you ever think picking fruit from a tree was boring? You’ve obviously never done it the Frootrees way before. This is one of those rare games that’s kid friendly while at the same time challenging for adults. And I guarantee you’ll never look at fruit the same again.

Quick Look: GumDrops for iPhone

Are you a Dr. Mario fan saddened by the fact that game will never grace your iPhone screen? GumDrops might help you pass the time in Dr. Mario’s absence. Solid controls will get you hooked, and four different game modes will keep you busy for quite some time. Gumdrops with expressive faces and some classical music help seal the deal.

Quick Look: iPlutoid for iPhone

Are you looking for something different in a scrolling shooter? iPlutoid is definitely the game for you. iPlutoid takes the scrolling shooter genre to the third dimension in a fashion similar to Speroids, though it kicks things up a couple of notches. This game is certainly worth checking out.

Quick Look: Robo for iPhone

Robo is a fresh take on the “mirrors and lasers” style of game. You must push lasers, mirrors, boulders and bombs around each level, trying to clear a path to the exit so you can leave. 76 levels of challenging traps await, with excellent graphics and a rockin’ sound track to keep you entertained.

Quick Look: SpeedQUEST for iPhone

When I was growing up I used to love role playing games, especially when you had to spend a lot of time building up your characters and solving quests. Nowadays I don’t have the time for such epics any more, but I still like the idea of fighting monsters, collecting treasures, and saving hapless people. It seems that at least one developer has tried to accommodate me in the form of SpeedQUEST, or as I like to call it “speed dating for the RPG crowd”.

Quick Look: Horseshoes Pro for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I was never real big on playing horseshoes when I was a kid, probably because I wasn’t very good at it.  Something about chucking a metal quasi-ring at a barely protruding metal pole that sat yards away that just didn’t click with me.  As it turns out, I’m not very […]

Quick Look: Did I Download That? Part 2

Did I Download That? Part 2 takes a look at two very different but fun games. Harvester gives you the chance to play an alien collecting Earth specimens with your UFO. In Napsters you must wake up all the sleeping critters in each level without giving them too much light.

Quick Look: Blockit! for iPhone

Protecting your bubble at all costs is your mission in Blockit! The trick is that you only have three blocks to place between your bubble and the incoming spikes, so you have to be careful when placing and replacing blocks. The concept is sound, but lack of variety keeps this from being entertaining for very long.

Quick Look: 7 Deaths for iPhone

The story of 8 “warriors” locked in combat should have the makings of a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon epic. Unfortunately, while the characters are interesting and the dialog witty, the action in 7 Deaths is repetitive and ultimately lacking.

Quick Look: Connected for iPhone

Hey, you got your sliding puzzle game mixed with my connect the pipes game! Welcome to Connected, the next generation of the pipes genre of games. Even if you’ve played 100 other pipes style games, Connected’s unique method for moving pieces around the board makes this another one you should add to your collection.

Quick Look: Skyscrapers for iPhone

Rating 4.00 out of 5 [?]I’m glad that Skyworks is continuing to work on non-sports related games, because they are actually turning out some interesting “pick up and play” type games.  This time around we have Skyscrapers, where the goal of the game is to build – you guessed it – skyscrapers.  It uses a […]

Preview: Underground for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I admired the developers of Circuit.Strike.One for trying to make a game that couldn’t be mistaken for your traditional shooter.  I guess I’m too old fashioned, however, because I really couldn’t get into that game.  Then along comes Underground, which is about as traditional as you can get – at […]

Quick Look: Card Drop for iPhone

Tired of the same old solitaire, but looking for a mobile card game to pass the time between heavy hitting games? Card Drop from Kuyi Mobile is just the game for you. A soothing melody, some reflex-inducing action and simple play mechanics make for a nice diversion from whatever’s on your mind.

Quick Look: Icy Escort for iPhone

Do you know where your baby penguins are? Apparently not, as Icy Escort sees you jumping your way through 30 platformed levels trying to find them. Can you reach each one before the time runs out and earn your 3 stars for every level?

Quick Look: Super Collider For iPhone

Long before the iPhone flash gamers were mindlessly amusing themselves with the genre of game where you simply move an object around an area and try to avoid all the other objects in that area. Now Pixel Mine has spruced up that concept in the form of Super Collider, and for the most part have done a really good job. There’s just a fairly annoying integration problem with the AGON social networking service that rubs me the wrong way with this game.

Quick Look: A Quest Of Knights Onrush for iPhone

In an effort to make sure that you don’t forget about their stellar castle defense game Knights Onrush, Chillingo has released a promo adventure called A Quest Of Knights Onrush. Basically a “run and slash until you die” mini-game, it’s amusing in short bursts. The up side, however, is that there’s plenty of potential should they decide to make a full game out of it.

Quick Look: Board@Work for iPhone

Bored at work? Have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Unfortunately, I don’t think this will help your situation any. Board@Work is a match 3 game that dares to be different, but ultimately doesn’t make a splash in the sea of match 3 games in the App Store.

Quick Look: Enigma for iPhone

Do you have what it takes to discover the sequence? I sure didn’t, as Enigma proved to be a Mastermind clone that couldn’t match up to the original. I love the concept behind this style of puzzle game, but Enigma didn’t allow me to enjoy it.

Quick Look: Crime Spree for iPhone

Feel like trying to outrun the fuzz and gather up some bags of loot? That’s just what you’ll get to do in Crime Spree for the iPhone. As Skyworks continues to expand beyond it’s sports games beginnings, it’s nice to see that they get the concept of casual games with other motifs.

Review: Minigore for iPhone

It’s time to “get your gore on” with Minigore, the latest survival shooter published by Chillingo. The game play is frantic, the visuals are stunning, and the music is incredible. Plus, it feels like a cross between Tim Burton and Tom & Jerry. What more could you ask for?

Quick Look: Arrowhead Chase for iPhone

Ever wanted to chase that guiding arrow that tells you which direction to go in a maze? Now’s your chance with the aptly named Arrowhead Chase. The control scheme is novel, but once that wears off the game loses much of it’s appeal. Find out if it’s worth pursuing or not…

Quick Look: Hexagon Labs for iPhone

Ready to take over the world one hexagon at a time? HeroCraft was kind enough to port their Othello clone Hexagon Labs over to the iPhone, and it’s every bit as fun as it was on the Pocket PC. And, you get to learn some cool scientific facts between each level!

Review: Zombies Vs. Sheep

Ever think that sheep were tougher than zombies? Ever care to find out? Well, whether it’s ever crossed your mind or not, Radiolaris is prepared to give you an answer with their latest iPhone offering, Zombies Vs. Sheep. I would suggest that this is one question you seek out the answer to.

Quick Look: World Cup Air Hockey for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]Here we are again, with yet another Skyworks casual sports game.  This time around it’s Air Hockey, and as with most of their sports titles it’s pretty well constructed.  I’m just not sure that it has enough to offer that other Air Hockey games don’t.  There is a head to […]

Quick Look: Hotfield for iPhone

Are you in the mood for another high octane scrolling shooter? Do you want a ship that can invoke “bullet time”? Hotfield might just be your candidate, then. Unfortunately, there’s not much besides bullet time in the list of innovations here. Hotfield is definitely a solid title, but don’t come here looking for revolution (or even evolution).

Quick Look: Bubble Shuffle for iPhone

With word games constantly flooding the App Store, one wonders if we really need any more. I was hoping that Bubble Shuffle would prove that we did, but unfortunately it didn’t really deliver the goods. Read on to find out why I felt Bubble Shuffle should be left floatin’ with the fishes…

Quick Look: Mental Blocks for iPhone

After several sports mini-games, I wondered what else Skyworks was capable of. I found out in the form of Mental Blocks, a modern variant of a tried and true “remove the blocks from the screen” puzzle game. After playing Mental Blocks I’m looking forward to more non-sports Skyworks offerings.

Quick Look: Ball Rush Aqua for iPhone

In my humble opinion, Ball Rush Aqua was probably the best Arkanoid clone on the Pocket PC. Now that it has made its way over to the iPhone there’s still a lot to enjoy about it, but it feels a bit sluggish compared to some newer offerings like Ball Slam Fantasy. Still, if you like the brick breaking style of game, Ball Rush Aqua has a lot going for it.

Quick Look: Supernova Blast for iPhone

So you want to take out the universe a few stars at a time? Supernova is the game for you. This outer space themed chain reaction game will provide you with 250 levels of explosions galore. Can you beat each level under the solvable limit, or do you need to use the allowable amount of moves to conquer the galaxy? Give Supernova Blast a try and find out…

Quick Look: Brain Fit for iPhone

Looking for a new take on the genre of puzzle game where you arrange odd-shaped blocks into a big pattern? Brain Fit is just what you need. 90 levels will keep you entertained for hours, and the soothing music will ease your frustrations as the challenge gets harder with each level.

Review: Ball Slam Fantasy

It sounds like an application that might have missed out on Apple’s rating system, but in actuality it’s a fun take on the “break some bricks” genre of game. Colorful graphics and an upbeat soundtrack will captivate you while the quick, solid game play keeps you coming back for more.

Quick Look: Swirl – 3D Action Racing for iPhone

In theory the iPhone seems to be a great platform for 3D tunnel based racers. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure the iPhone has a great one yet. Swirl gave it a nice attempt, but fell short on a couple of key items. Read on to find out what’s lacking…

Quick Look: Gobble for iPhone

Dodge the red, gobble the blue, and snag some fruit while you’re at it. That’s the basic premise behind Gobble for the iPhone from Pocketfun, and it turns out that it’s a simple yet addictive game.

Review: Fission Quest for iPhone

Get ready to don your Hazmat suit and try to escape from a nuclear power plant. Fission Quest has you trekking through 30 levels of barrels, crates, pits and perils trying to find the exit to each level. Can you out-think the diabolically laid out plant?

Quick Look: Anaglyphs! for iPhone

I’m not sure that I would have ever thought the game of Memory was right for 3D, but the folks over at Boiled Goose sure did. The result is Anaglyphs!, which has some cool 3D effects but suffers on the game play side. Read on to see if it’s worth your time…

Quick Look: Little Red Sled for iPhone

Want to experience the thrill of downhill sledding without leaving your house? Have the desire to collect lots of presents? How about taking on hordes of giant bunnies? Little Red Sled has it all and then some. Read on to find out why this visual cute action game is actually quite a pleasant surprise…

Quick Look: World Cup Ping Pong for iPhone

Skyworks is at it again, this time invading the world of ping pong. As luck would have it, they did a pretty good job. Four game modes, including one you can play without an opponent, make this a slick offering that has something for just about everyone interested in electronic ping pong. And, for those who are always a little hesitant, there’s a free version for you to try before taking the plunge.

Quick Look: The Terminator for iPhone

Are you ready to help the resistance fight the war against Skynet? Have you always dreamed of running around decimating Terminator forces? Well, keep on dreaming, because The Terminator from Big Head Games is really going to leave you unfulfilled in your dreams.

Quick Look: Uggles for iPhone

What’s cute, furry, and gets tossed around a lot? Why, an Uggle of course! If you’re looking for that next addictive experience from your iPhone or iPod Touch, look no further than Uggles. Electronic juggling has never been so fun…

Quick Look: 8Bit Games Flying for iPhone

Looking for graphics that predate video cards, and sound that is pure vintage PC speaker? Want game play that simply keeps you dodging building after building? If you’re looking for a walk down the late 70′s PC gaming memory lane, 8bit Games – Flying might just be for you.

Quick Look: Fish Frenzy

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]I like free games for my iPhone.  Besides the obvious fact that they don’t hurt the wallet any, it’s a win-win situation in terms of what I get.  If I like the game, it’s a bonus, and if I don’t, I just delete it and move on.  Thankfully, Fish Frenzy […]

Quick Look: Happy Lines / Snow Lines for iPhone

Two reviews for the price of one! This time I take a look at two simple puzzle favorites from Herocraft: Happy Lines and Snow Lines. This is a pretty brief review for two games (mainly because I’ve already reviewed them both for the Pocket PC), but suffice it to say that even though not much has changed on the iPhone they’re still a couple of great games.

Quick Look: Hurdler for iPhone

So how does a little stick figure obstacle jumping sound? When it’s in the context of Hurdler for the iPhone, it sounds just fine to me. This is a port of an older PC game, and they did the source proud. Get ready to jump some rubber ducks…

Quick Look: Batter Up Baseball for iPhone

Sports mini-games have been a bit of a mixed bag for me so far on the iPhone, but with Batter Up Baseball, it looks like Skyworks has finally hit one out of the park. Great visuals, authentic sound and gameplay that keeps going and going could bring you to start singing “take me out to the ball game”.

Quick Look: Field Goal Frenzy for iPhone

Sports mini-games are interesting, because it seems their goal is to take the best parts of a particular activity and strip out all the other stuff so that you can have a quick, satisfying game. Unfortunately, after playing Field Goal Frenzy I’m not so sure that this philosophy works for the game of Football. Read on to see if this game is worth playing or if you should punt…

Quick Look: Crazy Daisy for iPhone

Rating 3.00 out of 5 [?]When I had the opportunity to review Crazy Daisy for the Pocket PC – which you can check out here – I was amazed at how fun the game was for being a casual puzzler that seemed designed to appeal mostly to kids.  Needless to say, when I was offered […]

Quick Look: Submachine for iPhone

Looking for a puzzle adventure game fix until Myst arrives? Submachine might be just what you need. There are several puzzles to solve before you can escape your confines, and the chilling music provides for an ominous backdrop. The down side: it might take you longer to read the review than to play the game.

Review: Codename Lone Wolf

How do you stand out in a crowded genre for the iPhone like shooting games? If you’re Codename Lone Wolf, you start with a bunch of diverse scenarios. Then you toss in a pretty original interface and some decent graphics. Good background music doesn’t hurt, either. Read on to find out if the sniper business is in your future…

Preview: Hot Pursuit for Windows Mobile

eSoft Interactive is back, bringing us more Windows Mobile goodness in the form of Hot Pursuit, to be released on or around April 14th. The game will get your stylus tapping and your brain churning as you try and catch thieves in this worldwide epic inspired by Carmen Sandiego. Check out my quick preview, and expect a full review soon.

Quick Look: Gold Rush for iPhone

Have you ever wanted to help guide a train, along the way collecting piles of gold? Now’s your chance with Gold Rush, a puzzle game from Skywards Games. Read on to find out if it’s worth chug-chug-chugin’ along these tracks…

Quick Look: Banjo The Woodpile Cat for iPhone

Don Bluth helped pioneer the age of interactive movies with such treasures as Dragon’s Lair. If Banjo The Woodpile Cat is any indication of what the future has in store for this type of game, I’ll just pull out my CD of Dragon’s Lair and keep remembering the good old days…

Quick Look: Mesh for the iPhone

Another color matching game? That may be the basis behind Mesh, but I guarantee you haven’t played a color matching game quite like this on your iPhone before. If you’re looking for a new spin on a tried and true concept, Mesh is probably a good game for you…

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