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Random Selections: The Final Edition

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for new reviews of games new and old. In this edition of Random Selections I take a look at two war themed games released by Pocket Monkey Games, one of which involves zombies. How can you go wrong with that, right? Just check out my reviews to see.

Random Selections: The “No Cute Mascots” Puzzle Edition

Can you believe that there are puzzle games that don’t feature goofy, whacked out creatures? I know, I was shocked too :) Anyway, today’s Random Selections deals with two such puzzle games. One involves slicing up an object into smaller, equal parts, and the other is a new take on the match 3 genre. Both are fun, and there isn’t a mascot to be seen.

Random Selections: The Random Edition

In my latest edition of Random Selections I do something a bit novel – I look at two completely random selections! One features a little boy conquering his fear of rogue toys, quaintly known as Little Hero. The other tells the tale of a “heroine” that robs graves to get rich, appropriately named Graves Robber. So what did I think? Read on to find out…

NFL in Canada

The National Football League or NFL for short is a major sporting event at many local sports bars in Toronto, Canada. We have our own Canadian Football League or CFL for short but the rules and field sizes are different. I personally enjoy watching the NFL more so over the CFL. The reasons for me are very simple. I find that the NFL overall spends more money promoting, recruiting, and on salaries that also translates to the networks doing the same. The overall NFL broadcasts are far more entertaining, starting with the vibrant and knowledgeable sports casters and the creative camera work in the studio and on field.

Random Selections: The eBook Edition

In the latest installment of Random Selections I deviate a bit from my usual ramblings about games and take a look at two eBooks – The Cat In The Hat from Oceanhouse Media and issue 1 of Pocket God Comics. The two stories have very different presentations, and I have quite different thoughts about each of them. Read on to see what I thought…

Random Selections: The Fighting Gamebook Sequels Edition

The idea of the Fighting Gamebook, or an eBook with interactive (and sometimes RPG) elements is gaining more ground on the iPhone, but the leaders at this point are still Big Blue Bubble and Tin Man Games. In this edition of Random Selections I take a look at book 2 in each of their series, Deathtrap Dungeon and The Siege Of The Necromancer respectively.

Random Selections: The “Really Random” Edition

This edition of Random Selections is a bit odd. The games don’t really relate to each other, which is basically supposed to be the point of the article. However, one of them isn’t actually available any more. Cow Tippin’ is no longer on the U.S. market, and I don’t know if it’s elsewhere or not. I think it might have gone through a name change. You can still get Fortune Panda, however, which is a fun little “collect all the money” game with a cute panda and some nasty lobsters, frogs and trucks.

Random Selections: The “I Like Kuyi Mobile” Edition

What do the Earth being invaded and a jumping robot have in common? They’re both the subject of games developed by Kuyi Mobile, of course. This up and coming casual games developer sure knows their stuff, as they’ve managed to make two entertaining games in completely different genres in a relatively short amount of time. Read on to see what I mean, then go check them out at the App Store…

Random Selections: The “Quirky But Fun” Edition

It’s time for another installment of Random Selections. This time around I take a look at a couple of games that are “Quirky But Fun”. Soccer Stealers is a game where instead of playing soccer you burst onto the field and steal the ball from the players! How long can you survive before one of the professionals gets ahold of you? In Pix’n Love Rush you play some sort of creature that likes plus signs and has an aversion to purple bats. As you score points without getting hit the graphics morph into various retro looks. Kind of weird to think about, but really cool to see.

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