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Random Reviews: The Crawl Space Games Edition

It’s time for another installment of Random Reviews, and this time I thought I’d take a look at a couple of cool casual games from Crawl Space Games. Globs is an interesting puzzle game where you’re goal is to get all the squares in a grid to contain globs of the same color. Float, on the other hand, lets you relive your childhood joy of bopping balloons to keep them up in the air. Two very different styles of game, but both are lots of fun and should keep you busy for a while.

Random Reviews: The Underwater Edition

In this second installment of my revitalized Random Reviews column I take a look at two “survive as long as you can” style games. Both of them have another thing in common – they take place under the water. The first is called Squid Drop, and features a little squid that just wants to see the bottom of the ocean. The second is The Fish Dies In The End and, well, you can guess how this story ends. Read on to see how I felt about these aquatic adventures…

Random Reviews: The SEGA Sequels Edition

Random Selections are back (though with a slight name change), and this week’s edition features two of the most recently released games in SEGA’s line of Genesis emulations. Both Streets Of Rage 2 and Golden Axe 2 are classics (as are the series as a whole), but SoR 2 has certainly held up better over the course of time. Still, if you’re looking for a blast from the past these are both fun rides, and it gives the younger gamers a feel for what gaming was like “back in your day”.

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