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1 Digital Camera Mondays

Digital Camera Mondays: First Ever Post For Digital Camera Mondays

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Every Monday, we will post a digest of camera related topics that should peek your interest if you are into digital cameras or not. I hope you will enjoy our weekly edition of Camera Mondays which will focus on camera specific information.

Sanyo releases a new line of digital video cameras that should please a wide range of video enthusiasts. One category that I would like to focus on is the new Xacti full HD camera.


- 1920 X 1080 Full HD Video Capture.

- 60 Frames Per Second Video Capture (60 fps).

- 240/400 fps image capture for quality slow motion. (1/4 and 1/10 of normal speed).

- 8 megapixel still image capture even while filming video.

- Built in 8 GB memory with support up to 32 GB using SDHC memory cards.

MSRP: Not available at this time.

Xacti DIgital Video Camera From Sanyo - Image: Sanyo Electric Co., ltd.

Xacti Digital Video Camera From Sanyo - Image: Sanyo Electric Co., ltd.

The Xacti Full HD is only one of 3 new Xacti release. The Xacti Waterproof Standard HD and the Xacti Compact HD are the two others. You can go HERE to learn more about the Xacti line of new video cameras from Sanyo.

Panasonic Announces the Release of The Lumix DMC-FS15 Still Image Digital Camera.


- 12.1 Megapixel Resolution.

- 29mm Wide Angle Leica Lens.

- 5 X Optical Zoom.

- 2.7 Inch LCD Display.

- Supports 1920 X 1080 Wide Screen Image Capture For Full HD Display on HDTV screens.

- Supports SD and SDHC Memory Cards.

- Supports up to 6400 ISO For Extreme Low Light Image Capture.

MSRP: Not available at this time.

This camera seems like one I will have to take a closer look at once it becomes available to the general consumer.

Polaroid is Back With a New Instamatic Camera.

Polaroid has released a 5.0 Megapixel camera with a built in photo cartridge. In about 40 – 60 seconds, you can have a 2 X 3 inch photo in the palm of your hands. This new camera offering will certainly excite casting and modeling agencies alike since like the old Polaroid system, you have an instant picture with no film development to worry about. Unfortunately, the new 2 X 3 picture format does not have the old white strip at the bottom of the pictures so reminiscent of Polaroid pictures. The camera is digital and supports a SD memory card which allows you to store your images for later us too. You can check out the new Polaroid PoGo HERE.

Minox Digital Spy Camera


- 3,2 Megapixel Camera With 5.0 Megapixel interpolated resolution.
- Internal Memory 128 MB
- External SD memory card with up to 16 GB support.
- Optical Viewfinder
- 1,5’’ TFT LCD Display
- LED Flash
- Focus Range: 1m to infinity
- Automatic White Balance
- Automatic Shutter Speed
- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery using mini USB cable
- Size: 86mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 21mm (H)
- Additional external flash plus monitor:76mm(L) x 41mm(W) x 21mm (H)
- Weight of camera 60g
- Weight of flash plus monitor 80g

Minox Spy Camera - Image: Minox

Minox Digital Spy Camera - Image: Minox

Minox Digital Spy Camera - Image: Minox

It is so surprising to see such a small digital camera which supports an external flash system. It is promoted as a spy camera but with the features that this camera supports, it is truly a great little gadget camera for those emergency situations or when a full sized camera is just too bulky to carry with you.

You can go HERE to read more about the Minox Spy Camera and other Minox products plus go to License to Shoot to read more specifically on the Minox Spy Camera and the long history of Minox spy products.

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