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1 Digital Camera Mondays

Digital Camera Mondays: February 9

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Saturday night, I had the opportunity to catch a special outdoor performance by an extraordinary troop that came all the way from the Netherlands. The group called the Pi-Leau managed a spectacular show running 1 hour long based on an underwater theme.  Divers and mermaids would move across the court yard and interact to music. You can see a small glimp by watching this video below.


As you can see in the video, the lighting conditions where not ideal for still photo taking. With some adjustments to my camera, I was to take some images that are worth sharing with you.


closeact1 - Image: Bob Katayama

closeact1 - Image: Bob Katayama

closeact2 - Image: Bob Katayama

closeact2 - Image: Bob Katayama

closeact3 - Image: Bob Katayama

closeact3 - Image: Bob Katayama


The pictures were taken using a Fujifilm camera model S6000fd (6 megapixel). The camera was set on the Aperture Priority setting with the aperture set at maximum open (3.1). The shutter was adjusted automatically by the camera. The ISO setting was cranked up to ISO 1600 and the  flash was ON at all times. ISO 100 is typical for sunny outdoor shooting with ISO 400 being the typical indoor setting. ISO 800 is normal for darker conditions. 


It is amazing to see how small video cameras are getting each year. The latest video camera I have come across is called the Thumb Camera. The camera is about the size of a package of stick gum (73mm x 20mm x 11mm).


- 73mm x 20mm x 11mm.

- 18 grams including rechargeable battery via USB.

- Real time recording in 3GP video format (76×144 ,QCIF) with audio.

- Micro SD card slot with support for up to 2 Gigs of memory, No internal memory.

Thumb Video Camera - Image: Ajoka

Thumb Video Camera - Image: Ajoka

The functionality and video quality is not great but certainly usable as a spy camera or for those RC enthusiasts looking to mount a small and light weight camera to their RC plane or helicopter. Real Sweet. 



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