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1 Digital Camera Mondays

Digital Camera Mondays: February 16

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Dell Wasabi PZ310

The Dell Wasabi is a unique photo printer which uses the ZINK photo paper technology. The printer uses special paper that has the ink crystals built directly into the paper. The printer only prints photos in one size but the cost of each print is reasonable considering you have no added ink costs. Printer costs $99.00 USD currently with an instant $50 savings. 24 sheets of paper cost $12 or 48 for $20.00 USD.

Dell Wasabi Printer - Image: Dell

Dell Wasabi Printer - Image: Dell

The size of the prints are small compared to a standard 4 X 6. The print process uses no liquid ink thus no issues of smudging. Also the paper has a stickly layer on the back thus allowing you to stick the photo on most surfaces by removing the protective backing. This printer is ideal for all of us camera phone and pda users equipped with wireless Bluetooth. You can easily send the image from the camera wirelessly to the printer with a few simple clicks on the phone. The printer has a reprint button allowing you to print multiple copies of the same image.  Ideal for parties, weddings, and those impromptu gatherings.

Microsoft Tag

Now that cameras are becoming common features on phones and PDAs, it makes sense that companies start to develop other capabilities other than simple picture taking. One such feature is the ability to snap an image of a specialized 2D bar code. The hidden information in these bar codes can be the URL of a website or contact information. More specifically, the 2D bar code can be printed on:
- A bus shelter to provide bus scheduling information.
- On a building for sale/lease sign to provide realestate information.
- Restaurant directions on a magazine ad.
- On a movie poster to provide instant movie trailer  access.
- On a POP product display for a qick product demo video access.
- On a business card allowimg the contact information to be transferred to the phone immediately. 




Technobrains Tag

Technobrains Tag


The possibilities are endless on how the 2D Microsoft Tag can enhance the exchange of information. You can go to  Microsoft for more details. You can go HERE to download the software to read the Microsoft Tag above.

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