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Are You Addicted to Twitter? – If so, You Need This New Device Called the TwitterPeek.

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I thought carrying a cellphone, point and shoot camera, MP3 player and a PDA was bad enough. How about adding a TwitterPeek device to the collection? This new offering seems like a great addition to the geeky mobile person I have become. It is a simple device that allows you do twittering on the go. The cost of the device is not cheap though. At $199.00 USD, it is not a really high cost but the advanatge is it comes with a lifetime of free service with no added cost or contracts. There is the option to buy a unit for only $99.00 USD with a 6 months  worth of free service and the  added service fee afterwards is only $7.95 per month USD which is not bad either.

Will this technology really take off?



Just like the iPod and iPhone has really taken off for Apple, the TwitterPeek could also be a real winner if this device evokes a true emotional attactment to the individual user. I am not sure at this stage if I would invest in a TwitterPeek since the Twitter service alone could be a short term fad that will be gone in a few years to be replaced by another online service.

One thing is that the product is currently only available via www.amazon.com which could be a good thing or a limiting factor for initial sales penetration. This certainly is one device that is worth following for the next 1 – 2 years to see where it leads.

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One comment for “Are You Addicted to Twitter? – If so, You Need This New Device Called the TwitterPeek.”

  1. Added Note:

    Amazon is also selling the original Peek email devices for $19.95. This allow unlimited email and text messages for a small monthly fee. These Peek devices can be software upgraded to allow access to Twitter for free. http://www.getpeek.com/apps

    Posted by Bob Katayama | November 16, 2009, 2:49 pm

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