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Another One Bites the Dust – Cisco Flip Camera

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Approximately 1 1/2 years ago, I came into possession of The Flip camera. This was a great little video camera that took good video with very little effort. I used it almost on a weekly bases for about 6 months. Nowadays it is gathering dust along with many of my other devices. 

Originally produced by a company called Pure Digital Technologies, the company was sold to Cisco for 590 million in 2009. Cisco took the product and improved the product line with the release of a number of 780p HD digital video cameras.

Unfortunately, The Flip camera division is now being closed by Cisco to streamline their overall operations and to focus on their networking related products. It is sad to see something like The Flip camera disappear but it is the sign of the times. Products like the Apple iPhone and Google Android phones allow you more flexibility and instant uploading to social networking and video sites easily. Having a unit similar in size to most Smartphones that only allows you to take simple videos is something that most users are nolonger keen on purchasing. Standard video cameras with optical zoom, full 1080p HD video plus the ability to use a video light are still popular and are quickly coming down in size and price similar to The Flip camera.

I cannot see The Flip camera division being purchased by another company and continue to have success with it as is. The product must be redesigned heavily and at the end of the day would not look anything like the original Flip. The only value remaining in the company is in the name itself and that is quickly loosing its value.

The Flip camera was great when it was first introduced but is now something of a dinosaur to be put to rest. Any company that is thinking of acquiring The Flip camera division should seriously reconsider. I feel that a digital camera that provides the simplicity and small size of The Flip still has potential but in the extreme sports and remote controlled aerial photography marketplace though. These are still niche markets and the sales volume would never match the volume sales achieved by The Flip in its early years.

I hope the original designers and owners of The Flip do continue to innovate and release another mobile electronic device down the road. I would certainly be intrigued by anything that comes out in the future from them.

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